America, the Medicated

     I think I’m done writing about meds. This is having no effect on anybody. Not only have we become a drug and disorder-obsessed nation, but we are now collectively conditioned to simply follow orders and take what we are told to take. More frightening is how the gov/media scripts a false truth to manipulate the masses and vilify good, innocent people who simply don’t want to pump their infants with aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, calf serum, lactalbumin hydrolysate, formaldehyde, glutaraldhyde, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, polysorbate 80 and yeast protein.

     The above list of various poisons make up the Hep-B shot, in case you were wondering, usually given moments after birth, if you can fathom such a thing, let alone fathom that this passes as sound science.

     In 10 years of doing this stuff, there have been no changes to the mindless status quo of addiction treatment – pills, therapy, triggers, group therapy, but don’t worry because relapse is part of recovery. Nonsense. In 10 more years, I imagine everybody will be heavily medicated and will believe vehemently in the degenerate philosophy of taking drugs for any problem in life…

     Addicted? Take a drug. Depressed? Take a drug. Anxious? Take a drug. Socially inept? Take a drug. Too gregarious? Take a drug. Bored? Take a drug. Not bored? Take a drug. No sex? Take a drug. Too much sex? Take a drug. No money? Take a drug. No friends? Take a drug. No God? Take a drug…

     What an F-show that will be.

     Just to be clear, there are only three reasons why I have ripped apart the argument for medication as a way to treat addicts so comprehensively. First, substitution drugs and psychotropics have no material effect in removing or even altering addiction. The mental obsession remains entirely in tact and therefore relapse is not a function of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Why would you continue to ply an addict thereby allowing him or her to validate remaining comforted by drugs?

    Second, by medding up on these science projects we may be closing the door on a spiritual experience. We may be erecting a brick wall between us and God. Our work may not be as thorough, honest and pure as it must be to induce a psychic rearrangement, the sort of catharsis necessary to effect real and lasting change. We may never know if we could have touched the Light of God and been freed from our addiction and mental illness forever. Shouldn’t we at least give it our all before choosing the Blue pill, as it were?

     Third, and perhaps most important, is the how the entire psychiatric industry has been co-opted by Big brother and Big pharma. Clinicians pass these things out like skittles with no shame at all, and what exactly are they? I bet 99% of people taking psychotropics have absolutely no clue what they are taking or the action these drugs have on their brains. Can you tell me what is inside your pills? Can you describe for me the neurochemical action on your brain? People haven’t the faintest idea what they are doing to themselves, how dangerous these drugs are, or what the long term effects may be. We just blindly take whatever the quack psychiatrist throws at us.

     It is one thing if you are truly manic or schizophrenic and the outlook is so bleak that who fucking cares what you put into your body. But the truth is that most people diagnosed with bipolar do not have bipolar. The number of misdiagnoses is truly mind-boggling, and we have to ask ourselves why? As well, most people taking anti-depressants do not even meet the criteria for clinical depression. Just saw this earlier today, but there is tons of information our there that hasn’t been doctored or altogether censored by the statist puppets in corporate media. My bet is that 99% of the mass media have a 75-80% IQ. The real, truth-loving journalists are muzzled and in many cases taken out, like Michael Hastings was taken out by the current administration. Wow, that’s some Nobel laureate.

More than Two Thirds of People Taking Anti-depressants ‘May Not Actually Have Depression’…

     Look, these guys have no idea what they’re doing. They have no idea what they’re prescribing or what they’re really doing to you. They think it is perfectly acceptable to use the population like a bunch of guinea pigs. You never hear the other side of the story, but if you look, you can find articles and studies that will open your eyes and help you see through the thick fog of social programming and conditioning.

    So anyway, that’s it. No more posts about meds. If you search the blog, there is tons of stuff, like one I wrote about a specific drug after suffering through a national ad on television that promoted this stuff for depression (even though it is traditionally used to treat severe schizophrenia) because as you know, it’s always good to pop a hardcore, mind-numbing psychotropic used to treat hallucinating psychopaths who are crawling up the walls of the asylum after trying to stab the entire staff when you’re feeling a little blue and want some ice cream.

God, help us… please…

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