The Point of All This

     When I read my inventory and prayed ten years ago, something unbelievable happened. As a flow of Power rushed through me, all of the darkness suddenly washed away.

     That is why I became driven to share my experience, write the book and start the blog. Having failed with many local sponsees and unable to reach enough addicts and alcoholics, I needed a platform – a way to reveal this solution for what it really is.

     I just wanted addicts out there to know how truly amazing it is to be okay. When you can simply exist and be at peace without all sorts of distraction, there is nothing better.

     All we really need is something to do, some healthy kind of work, some purpose. When you find something to do that nourishes you and fills you up, you can sit down afterwards and feel both calm and lifted up at the same time.

     To be able to simply live, without substance or distraction, is really the best thing in the world. That’s what we’re seeking anyway, isn’t it? Well guess what, it is not only possible but it is a certainty if you genuinely want it and are willing to go to any length to get it. And what a blessing from God that we even have specific tools and instructions on how to get there.

     We take Steps.

     And no, I don’t mean we read the poster on the wall at the meeting or fill out some watered-down step worksheets by those who don’t understand what it takes to actually recover.

     Take steps as they were laid out in the Big Book and give your whole self to them. Give 100% and give everything you have within you, and I guarantee drugs and alcohol will never be a problem again. I guarantee that God will never bring you anything you can’t handle.

     If we put our spiritual growth first above all else, we will forever be free.

     It’s that simple.

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