Human Responsibility Beckons

Addicts should get better…

     …because we have officially given up the right to drink and use.
     …because we have maxed out how much we can take from others.
     …because life is not about us feeling good 24/7.
     …because it’s okay to suffer a little bit. It’s called being human.
     …because the demeanor of an addict is as unattractive as it is annoying.
     …because we are so stuffed with bullshit, we don’t know where the truth ends and the lies begin.
     …because cowardice is no recipe for worldly success, not is it an indicator of future happiness.
     …because as human beings, we have the responsibility to act in a way we would recommend to all others.
     …because nothing and nobody is to blame for our addiction. Addicts are self-created.
     …because the world doesn’t owe us anything.
     …because we have become morally and spiritually destitute.
     …because our attitude has devolved into all manner of delinquency.
     …because there is no such thing as a “trigger.”
     …because there is no excuse for being an addict, whether genes, depression, rough childhood, you name it.
     …because we alone made ourselves addicts and therefore we alone are responsible to get better.
     …because we have given up the right to whine, complain, and pretend to be some sort of victim.
     …because life is not about pathological self-focus.
     …because when what we do begins to affects others negatively, it becomes wrong to continue doing what we are doing.
     …because we have stopped giving a shit about anything or anybody except ourselves.
     …because it is wrong to abuse drugs and alcohol.
     …because we are no longer concerned about your needs, only what we need from you.
     …because nobody likes to be around a loud, obnoxious, emaciated, sweating, lesion-covered addict who can’t stop itching himself.
     …because remaining this sick and this selfish when there is a solution is an insult to our loved ones and an insult to God.
     …because we have no right to continue breaking our parents’ hearts, our spouses’ hearts or our children’s hearts.
     …because if we don’t, we have spent our entire lives doing nothing, contributing nothing, becoming nothing, and wasting natural resources, not to mention robbing taxpayers. No substance abuse program, medication or therapy session should ever be subsidized. Ever. Taking money from others for something we did to ourselves by our own selfishness and stupidity is a moral crime. Haven’t we already stolen enough? Haven’t we spent enough time being comforted by medication? Haven’t we already done enough incessant blabbing about ourselves in therapy?  

     “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

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