Posts Geared for Parents, Spouses & Codependents

     The list below is by no means exhaustive, as every TPA post is intended to be useful for both addicts and parents or spouses, but these were the result of some direct question or concern… 

How Does One Love from a Distance?

What to Do With Addicts

Get Your Advice From Nature 

Who Teaches Addicts if Sane People Don’t?


Enabling Makes You Suffer

A Message to Parents and Spouses

Are We Just Disconnected?

An Allergy and a Mental Obsession

“Watered Down AA”

Reality Check

You Can’t Stop Fate

Some Truths About Addiction

Accomplishment = Happiness?

Relapse Is NOT Part of Recovery  

Moral Psychology

Words are Just Dormant Seeds 

Let’s Destroy Some Myths

Why I Promote the Steps and the Moral/Spiritual Solution 


Tough Love


Act Without Expectation 

The Ability to Enjoy Less

Trust Me, The Root of Our Problem Is Selfishness 

Elements of a Narcissist & the Victim Mentality

Are You Free? 

Courage or Cowardice? 


Human Power

The Gift of Desperation

Hitting Bottom 

Boy, Have We Lost Our Way…

Methadone & Powerlessness 

God Isn’t a Concept

Never Give Up

Addiction & Recovery 

Let’s Destroy Some More Myths

Let’s Stop Denying the Moral Failure of Addiction

Do the Opposite of Therapy

Addicts are Cowards
The Privileged Addict, pp. 154-55

Sorry Folks, We’re Not Sad Little Children

Ways of Telling if Your Addict is Recovered 

Recovery, Inc. 

Stigma? Nope, I’m Proud & Grateful

Don’t Blame Your Genes! 


The Privileged Addict, 15-26

Culture of Mental Illness 

The Privileged Addict: How Not to Help Addicts 

Addicts & Alcoholics Will Suck You Dry

To Parents, Spouses & Codependents

Comment Response on Dopamine

Victim Mentality

Knowledge vs Knowledge 

Nature Knows Best 

Pray for Those We Resent

Couples Therapy

Families & Codependency

Parents & Spouses Take Steps 

How Not to Help Addicts

How to Stay Sober Forever

Don’t Care How You Feel & Don’t Care What You Believe

Recovering vs Recovered

AA Sponsorship

Excuses of an Addict 
Addiction Neuroscientists Should Talk to Some Moms

Comment on Narcissism  

Do You Really Want to Recover? 

Beyond Addiction or Beyond Bullshit?

What Is Addiction & How Do We Recover? 

The Power of the Steps

11 thoughts on “Posts Geared for Parents, Spouses & Codependents

  1. Thank you so very much for this, Charlie. I've read most of these already but it's wonderful to have them all listed together like this.

    Reading through some of these old posts, I feel so grateful to you for helping me to understand the way things are with addicts. I've read so much material on addiction that seems to make sense at first, but in the end it doesn't really explain the way things truly are. Some websites about addiction make it sound like the addict is an innocent victim of a terrible disease, poor them. Your blog is the only place I have found that actually describes my partner EXACTLY. The things you say about addicts and addiction match my experiences with my partner EXACTLY. How is it possible that all the “experts” out there miss the fact that addicts are mind-blowingly SELFISH? That they treat other people like shit? That nothing really matters to them at all but their own comfort and pleasure? Like, isn't this an important part of the picture? It sure is if you live with one of these people.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Really I just want to say thank you, sincerely. You've made the whole mess clear to me. Nothing is any easier but at least I don't feel confused any longer. God bless you.

  2. Charlie – I am working my way through your list. As a parent, the guilt is overwhelming. It gives me hope that IIIII am not the one who is insane, b/c that is how I feel most of the time. TY for that and for your blog and this list.

  3. You have no idea how touched I am by this, let alone your tireless support and help (after all these years). Grateful. You are awesome, :D. xoxox

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