Book: The Privileged Addict Quotes

     Below is the cover to a new book, The Privileged Addict Quotes, which contains over 120 pages of insights and knowledge from years of writing about addiction and recovery, including some new quotes and passages. I hope you will find this useful personally or as maybe an anti-bullshit gift to an addict, alcoholic, spouse, parent or friend in your life. The book will be out on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles and everywhere else shortly. For now, clicking on the image below will take you to my Lulu spotlight page where you can pick it up. Following the book cover, I have pasted the back cover caption for you to take a look at. 
     By the way, the other book I’m working on, Anybody Can Take Steps, will be out this fall. The book will universalize and break down the Step process for anybody, addict or not. It will describe and detail the incredible actions and tools contained within the Steps in an effort to help people better understand and utilize this process and its great wisdom. Finally, the Twelve Steps are simply one of many ways to grow spiritually, and I have used the subject in this book to segue into timeless wisdom that we can use to free us, calm us, and bring us peace and prosperity, both within and without.
“Recovery is not a function of time. It is a function of
what actions we take and at what frequency we take them.” 

To truly understand addiction and recovery, we must step outside the box of the status quo and challenge conventional wisdom. We must look deep within and challenge ourselves. We must observe reality and see things as they are. Addiction and alcoholism will contort and confuse the mind of not only an addict, but a sane loved one just the same, so this collection of ideas, concepts, passages and quotes from my years of writing about addiction is for both fellow addicts/alcoholics and the countless loved ones out there who have stuck by us and loved us unconditionally while we remained preoccupied with ourselves and our comfort.
     This book will help take what is a dark and painful subject and shine a light on it. Needless to say, these are just words on a page and can never be equated with pure action. We must not simply read but must work hard if we are to effect real and lasting change, if we are to build an inner reservoir of peace and strength, if we are to achieve escape velocity and enter a new world of freedom. Please share this book with those in need, and may these words find use wherever they land. Thank you.

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