Presented Without Comment, Well, Almost

     Below is a blog post by Jon Rappoport, entitled: “Psychiatrists Drugging Children for ‘Social Justice'”

     And here is the original article it was based on from the New York Times propaganda machine: “Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School”

     How do people fall for this? You want to try to give the masses some credit but I guess being indifferent (if not altogether brainwashed) really is an epidemic, and to be fair, I think there is a good rerun of “Chloe and Lamar” tonight, followed by the “Teen Mom” season finale, so def can’t miss that.

     Can anyone tell me how it is that Dr. Anderson has a license to practice medicine? Oh whoops, that’s right, he’s not a real doctor; he’s a psychiatrist 😉

     As if staying focused and “scoring well” in mindless government public schools will help anybody do anything, let alone that you are essentially drugging kids with speed (otherwise known as synthetic cocaine), which not only destroys their young, vulnerable brains and their bodies, but may lead to long-term Tardive Dyskinesia, especially when supplemented with any number of anti-psychotics like Seroquel.

     Maybe it’s just me, but it might be difficult to land a job someday when you can’t control the rapid tongue protrusions in your interview… oh, and try not to strangle your new boss should you suffer some kind of psychotic break.

     So I think focusing in public school is gonna be the least of your kid’s problems once his regimen of synthetic crack begins. Folks, please do yourself a favor and be wary of terms like “social justice”.

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