Will Alcoholics Steal From People?

     Just saw this search question:

     “will alcoholics steal from people?”


     Um, will the sun rise in the morning?

     And we won’t just steal money. We will steal your time, energy, love, heart, mind, health, inner peace, calm, serenity, stability, sanity, etc. etc. etc. Sorry, but that is not an involuntary symptom of a blameless disease. It is 100% a moral and spiritual failure.

     How is it suddenly acceptable to equate addiction with juvenile leukemia or some other terrible disease beyond a child’s control? Look, I understand the people who love us need to tell themselves all sorts of things to rationalize, justify and explain what we do, but telling yourself something doesn’t mean it’s true. Sorry, but there is ZERO evidence that addicts wake up one day and suddenly mutate into selfish, delusional junkies who cannot stop pathologically lying to you. You can believe that if you want, but trust me, every single one of us consciously and voluntarily put a great deal of time and effort drinking and using like pigs until we finally broke our bodies.

     To be an addict means that we cannot stop once we start, but nobody starts off that way. That predicament is acquired, to be sure. I am personally a fully blown drug addict and alcoholic. Once I start, my body craves more and more and more until I’m either passed out, arrested or dead. However, I have been sober and content for more than 10 years and that has nothing to do with the physical component of addiction. If this nonsense were true, then why haven’t I relapsed? Why is it so easy for me to stay sober? It’s easy because I CHOOSE to stay sober. Physical powerlessness is permanent. Loss of choice is temporary. The problem is getting choice back, but God makes that possible. 

     Listen, once an addict reacquires the power of choice, it is 100% a personal failure if they begin drinking or using again. It is very much a moral issue, given the damage we all know we will do to self and others once we head back out. You cannot get around that. You cannot just say that there is some underlying reason why we drink and use. There may be some underlying reason why we WANT to drink or use, but that has nothing to do with actually drinking or using. Addicts don’t just wake up insane one day. At any rate, an addict must become sane again, and once they do, relapsing is a choice. That’s the truth regardless of what anyone wants to tell themselves. Hate to break it to you.

     The good news is that there is a solution. The problem is that it requires addicts to do exactly what they hate the most: work, be uncomfortable, give, have courage, help people, think about others, be honest, be accountable, be responsible, grow up, join society and contribute like every other human being on the planet. Why is that such a mean thing to say? Why are the concepts of working hard and taking some responsibility so demonized nowadays?

     Addicts are not unique or special, nor do they suffer any more than the average person. The only difference is that we are much more selfish, and the fact is that when ANYBODY goes out and drinks or uses too much, they will eventually acquire this physical allergy to drugs and alcohol, which simply means that they experience the phenomenon of craving once they start drinking or using. Their bodies crave more. It is a physical event. Craving has nothing to do with being sober and wanting to use. That, my friends, is all mental.

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