What You See Is What You Get

     I know I said I was done posting searches, but this is important, so let’s just have one last look at some of the most popular searches of all time, besides stuff like ‘privileged addict’ and so forth.

     You have to assess things as they are. The answers to addiction can be deduced through the simple power of observation. What you see is what you get. Are we really going to keep the blinders on and try to intellectualize and complicate addiction? Are we really going to promote the nonsense that this “disease” is no different than any other disease? Are we going to continue to conveniently deny that addiction results from selfishness and immaturity? Please.

     Does anyone still not believe that we make ourselves who we are? If there is anyone out there who thinks that we randomly woke up one day and became addicts because of our genes or something, please let me know and I will stop writing this blog.

1) why are alcoholics so selfish
2) alcoholics are selfish
3) are alcoholics selfish
4) selfish alcoholic 
5) alcoholics don’t care
6) do alcoholics care they hurt people
7) why do alcoholics hurt their family
8) do alcoholics know they hurt people
9) recovering alcoholic selfish 
10) why are recovering alcoholics so selfish 
11) drug addicts selfish
12) addicts don’t care 
13) frothy emotional appeal seldom suffices
14) drug addicts suck
15) living amends
16) drug addicts are so fucking selfish
17) does he know how much he hurts us
18) resentment inventory example
19) why are alcoholics so selfish and mean
20) why do alcoholics abuse the ones who are there for them
21) resentment inventory 
22) is addiction a spiritual disease 
23) why are people so self centered when they drink
24) how to write a fear inventory 
25) why do alcoholics die alone

See also, If You Want Answers, Observe.

P.S. How about those Colts last night? One guy snapping to one guy! Hahaha!

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