Why I Promote the Steps and the Moral/Spiritual Solution

     1) Because they get people to God.

     I was personally born a Christian but to be honest, I really don’t give a shit how people get to God, so long as the tradition is loving and non-violent. Sorry, but people should be able to figure that stuff out for themselves. I mean, let’s face it, all any parent really cares about is that a miracle somehow occurs and we recover, find peace and live right. I’m pretty sure our specific belief system doesn’t matter when we’re lying on the floor convulsing from a heroin overdose as someone rushes in with Narcan to revive our soon-to-be corpse.

     Plus there are vast cultural differences all over the world, so seriously, who the fuck am I to go to the Amazon and tell people they are ignorant heathens who don’t know the truth and are going to rot in hell? I just don’t find that to be particularly appropriate for some reason. The bottom line is we can really only change ourselves and maybe help on a local level. To fly around the world in a 747 preaching nonsense, thinking you can change everybody and save the world, well, you probably need a head that can barely fit through the door.

     As far as our culture goes, the enormous effort to take God out of recovery is certainly reflective of a spiritual sickness in our culture and part of a larger effort to take God out of everything, so I find it equally inappropriate to ban kids from praying in school or from reading the Bible during free study time.

     Why is it such a threat to have people trying to study and practice God’s principles? Are we losing it as a society? Whoa man, watch out for those horrible principles of honesty, purity, unselfishness and love. It’s almost as bad as the effort to demonize parents who think for themselves regarding their children’s health, or individuals simply attempting to think or preserve some semblance of privacy.

     As long as people get there somehow, I really don’t think it matters how. Not to mention that many who believe devoutly are ruthless sociopaths, or how about pedophiles living in castles of gold when they should probably be strapped to the chair instead? What good are a man’s beliefs when he does nothing but cast evil upon the world while pretending to be a man of God? That’s the sort of breathtaking hypocrisy normally reserved for politicians and presidential candidates 😉

     All that really matters is that you are a good person. Belief is important but what you do is much more important than what you believe. Besides, I don’t believe anyone is really an atheist anyway, as God is simply part of our fundamental make-up.


     2) Because they work.

     Addicts must keep their eyes and ears open, which is difficult for a group so mind-blowingly self-centered. Find someone who has what you want (internally) and ask them to take you through the Steps as they’re laid out in the Big Book.

     If they have no clue what you’re talking about but are still in AA and acting all chipper, you might want to be careful. You probably don’t want to follow the guy who’s happy as a clam because he’s hopped up on six different psychotropics. Not only will he fail to help you build a foundation, but his contentment isn’t real, and therefore your source of inspiration is empty and will not provide any real solace, let alone substance.

     If someone is both not on meds nor have they taken Steps but is still in AA, they still can’t help you because they’re not really alcoholics. Many people in AA are not alcoholics. A good chunk of them are perhaps moderate to heavy drinkers who maybe caught a DUI or something and were court ordered to attend AA. Being socially inept (no offense), they grabbed onto it and religiously show up everyday for group therapy and snack time, and don’t forget the slogan recitation.

     AA has given many non-alcoholics a sort of ready-made identity. Watered down Open Speaker meetings didn’t exist until the 50s, and today, at least around here, are perfect for those who believe themselves to be victims. Don’t get me wrong as this was certainly not what Bill Wilson and Bob Smith intended back in the 1930s.

     The same goes for NA. A good friend of mine sent me this article about a mother who left her liquid methadone out on the table and her baby girl drank it and is now permanently damaged and disabled and will suffer in horrible ways all throughout life. How is this acceptable? Come on guys, having a child is not just picking up a puppy at the mall, especially if you’re an active junkbox with the maturity of a 3 year-old or a teenager with no job, no education and no skill set beyond texting really fast.

     My wife joins an online doula group where the other doulas sometimes rave about how diligent their clients are for sticking to their Methadone or Suboxone program. They are super eager to support their clients post-pardum after the baby is taken away to the ICU for detox and a complete CNS damage assessment. Huh?

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