Daily Search Questions & Answers

There are no good answers. We are just really selfish and really stupid.

Question: When do drug addicts stop being selfish?
Answer: Never. The best you can hope for is some temporary mitigation.

Question: Why are recovering alcoholics still so selfish?
Answer: As the Big Book says, “We feel that elimination of our drinking is but a beginning. A much more important demonstration of our principles lies in our respective homes, occupations and affairs.” AA, p.19. In other words, achieving physical sobriety alone will get you nowhere and is essentially worthless. For the alcoholic to rid himself of his selfishness, he must change from deep within by engaging in selfless action. 

Question: Is it common for alcoholics to push those who love them away for other drinkers instead?
Answer: Common to push the best people in our lives away? Not only is it common, but it is a rule! And we certainly don’t give a shit about other drunks. They simply serve as another body to drink with in an effort to rationalize our insane behavior.

Question: Does alcoholism make you selfish?
Answer: Alcoholism amplifies preexisting selfishness, as to become alcoholic itself requires near pathological selfishness and self-absorption.

Question: Why are addicts so selfish?
Answer: Because all any addict cares about is using, and in order to use the way we want, we must lie, steal, deceive, manipulate, abuse, trample, take advantage of, completely ignore our conscience and become a loud, obnoxious, whiny, indifferent glutton. Addiction is basically an exercise in how to be unattractive on every possible level.

Question: Do the same triggers exist in all alcoholics and addicts? 
Answer: Triggers don’t exist. The only trigger is breathing.

Question: Why do addicts act like victims?
Answer: Good question. Addicts are anything but victims. Acting like a victim allows us to avoid being accountable or take responsibility for everything we do, everything we say, everything we are.

Question: Why does treatment fail so often?
Answer: People who fail in treatment are not willing to go to any lengths to get better. They refuse to work hard with any consistency and give of themselves for any length of time. They cannot jump in fearlessly and commit to a program of spiritual action. They don’t really want to change as they will not give up their comfort. When push comes to shove, they cower and fear rules the day. They will not let go. Plus, many treatment centers have no clue.

Question: Are alcoholics selfish?
Answer: Does the sun rise?

3 thoughts on “Daily Search Questions & Answers

  1. I read every word you print here. This is all so true and heartbreaking at the same time. This time of year is so so so hard. The addict kills the soul of the people who love them. Can't get much more selfish than that.

  2. Thank you, Lor. I suppose if no one read this stuff, it would never be written, so that makes you my inspiration. Still praying hard for you and your daughter…

  3. I found you when I felt helpless because my son is an alcoholic and you have helped me so much. Now, he has a baby, he went to treatment for the third time. I was taking care of my grandson but as soon as he left treatment he came over and took the baby away. I have been crying for hours because I feel so bad for the poor little baby. His mother is in prison and his father an alcoholic. Am I wrong when I say that these days animals have more rights than babies? For six months I wasn’t a grandmother, I was his mother. My son never said thank you, never said I appreciate what you’ve done, I never even got a hello when he walked in the door after six weeks of being gone in treatment! Did he learn anything?!! All I feel right now is pain for my innocent grandson who has no choice but to live in their twisted world.

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