More Disease Model Delusions

     We have now gone so far with the progressive disease model that we are now attempting to justify just giving junkies opiates, that opiates are not what they want but what they truly NEED. Right, just placate and give them whatever the they want, which effectively enslaves them, especially as we begin to socially and scientifically reinforce this insane idea that remaining chained to drugs is perfectly natural.

     Unfortunately, the physiology of addiction doesn’t account for, well, everything else. While this will continue to be a bummer for those looking for an easy way out, it will come as great news to the pharmaceutical model – i.e. massive profits.  

      According to Wikipedia, the disease model of addiction “describes an addiction as a disease with biological, neurological, genetic, and environmental sources of origin.” Lol, um, behavioral? Did I miss something? So wait, genes and environment come before, say, loving to drink and use and then continuing to drink and use like an absolute pig until you break your f’ing body and mutate yourself into a junkbox? Sorry to be a dick, but what sort of message does that send? You have now removed any incentive, urgency or necessity for the addict to engage in hard work, right action and personal change. You have also blinded them from the knowledge that he or she must have the power of God come to them and restore them to sanity. There is no hope for any serious addict who isn’t all lit up with Spirit, who hasn’t become God-conscious.

straight still scream   But hey, don’t worry because now your addict can rest easy, knowing that he was afflicted from birth with an involuntary disease and that he can do nothing to stop his drinking, using, lying, stealing and calling you a fucking bitch. He will be relapsing (not to mention whining about his injustice) unimpeded and guilt-free, all through life… so fuck you mom, fuck you dad, fuck you everybody. Great stuff. Oh, and according to all of the experts (and many others like the dude from the TED Talk), it’s also environmental, so if you were a good parent, think twice. Yup, that’s right. There are plenty of whackjobs out there who will have you believe that you suck, that you must have fucked them up somehow. Well, listen up, that is all BULLSHIT. We make ourselves addicts and we owe you everything in this world. Never blame yourself or your genes for our addiction. Never. ALL external reasons are 100% FALSE.

     Sorry, but the masses are being lied to (and not just about addiction but a host of other major issues currently facing us today). But if they are going to call addiction a disease and give addicts a label by which we can handily excuse our atrocious behavior, they could at least tell the truth.

     If you want to call addiction a disease, than you must be sure to separate it from other diseases beyond one’s control, such as juvenile leukemia etc. Addiction is a disease that we give to ourselves, and it is also a disease that we can choose to keep in remission should we work to remove the mental obsession and find the guts to walk through some pain, face adult life and obey our conscience. Once an addict reacquires the power of choice, relapsing is very much a choice, obviously. At that point, relapse is nothing more than a personal and moral failure. Sorry, but that’s a fact. And no, I am no shining example of anything. If it sounds like I’m “preaching from a spiritual hilltop” as some troll posted last week, well, not to worry. I’m a piece of shit, too. And while I try to engage in service when I can, I often find myself not really caring or feeling too much for others. Who knows, maybe we’ll always just be fucked on some level.

     At any rate, the disease aspect begins and ends with the simple physical problem of using abnormally – that we physically respond to drugs and alcohol differently than others. It simply means we experience the phenomenon of craving once we start drinking or using.

     My fellow addicts our there can call me a dick. I don’t care. Why would I? We are really just comfort-obsessed children who demand that our very special, unique and important feelings and needs and sensitivities MUST BE MET. It’s always the addicts who get prickly, though I’ve had a couple of anonymous parents lose it on me as well, even though I have nothing to do with anybody’s pain.

     But hey, to the addicts who troll me and whine about shit, 1) It’s not about you, it’s about the people in our lives. Get over it! 2) I would be happy to stop doing this if the hundreds and hundreds of people who have emailed me to thank me profusely would also stop, and 3) At least I’m trying, what are YOU doing? Anything???

2 thoughts on “More Disease Model Delusions

  1. Again Charlie, your truth. Kinda of liberating to finally comment, so it's a start for me. Our daughter is 24 yrs old. The guilt is crushing, but why? The parents have to let go of the that, ha!
    Thank you so much for the truth.
    Needed that, Kathleen in Az

  2. Again Charlie, your truth. Kinda of liberating to finally comment, so it's a start for me. Our daughter is 24 yrs old. The guilt is crushing, but why? The parents have to let go of the that, ha!Thank you so much for the truth. Needed that, Kathleen in Az

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