Some Logic on Dopamine

Specialists now say that addicts lack endogenous opioids and need more dopamine (more drugs) and that is why they engage in drug-seeking behavior. The truth is that we need the exact opposite. We need to get used to being human. The frantic, neurochemical “let’s just medicate ’em!” crowd are not just dead wrong, but at this point they are becoming dangerous. Sorry.


     All drugs and alcohol act on the dopaminergic reward system of the brain. Neurochemically speaking, addicts essentially become addicted to increased levels of dopamine. Why? Not because of some shitty childhood or lack of connection, but because it feels good. Addicts like drugs and alcoholics like alcohol because they love the way it makes them feel. It’s purely selfish. We mutate ourselves into addicts and only we can mutate ourselves back into decent, productive, sober human beings, with the help of God, of course.

     At any rate, bio-chemical theories and pharmaceutical remedies will come and go, and all will fail miserably to heal, fix or change an addict, let alone prevent him or her from relapsing. While it is tempting to assume that drug addicts and those with depression just need more of what they seek, the fact is you are only perpetuating the addiction and depression by artificially raising levels of dopamine and other neurotransmitters.

     As far as addicts are concerned, behavioral neuroscientists, while certainly intelligent and doing their thing, are suggesting treatment models that are quite dangerous. This is a comment from some blog that advocates methadone et al, but sums up the lunacy that parents are being infected with today:

     “Some cases of ‘addiction’ are actually attempts to replace what is naturally missing in their bodies. In the case of opiate addiction, some, not all, are using it for legitimate mental health treatment [???]. While I do not advocate taking illicit substances to solve this, there exists a growing mountain of evidence supporting the notion that a lack of endogenous opioids inside of our bodies can lead to many illnesses, including depression [LOL. Wow.]. While not necessarily the case and knowing nothing of your situation, if your child has been suffering from depression for some time it may be worth looking in to.”

     Not only is that factually incorrect, but it is insane. Instead of supplementing decreased levels of dopamine with increased levels of dopamine, the truth is that we need the exact opposite. We need to get used to having and experiencing decreased or natural levels of dopamine, kind of like every other human being in the world who isn’t jammed 24/7. We need to get used to being human, and that means less dopamine and more suffering. Yup, more suffering. Trust me, addicts don’t need more opiates. Lmfao. 

     The notion today that addicts need more comfort and less humility is a degenerate and Godless philosophy that progressive, collectivist activists are infecting you with. It is wrong, it will fail every time, and it is a complete disservice to you and your addict to be swallowing this sort of bullshit and storing it up in the attic.

     Finally, the other half of status quo treatment today is from the sort of anti-stigma, kumbaya, PC crowd (clueless beyond words) and revolves around this notion that simply loving or getting addicts to feel “connected” is all they need. While that sounds great and all, it is also wrong.

     Addicts using and alcoholics drinking have absolutely nothing to do with not feeling connected or loved. Sure we (or anyone) will become disconnected by using or drinking year after year, but let me tell you, every actual addict I know basks in their dissociated, detached comfort zone. We much prefer our state of numbness and lack of intimacy… until we don’t. Most of us couldn’t care less about feeling connected. Dealing with people and relationships is quite frankly just a hassle for addicts and alcoholics. Trust me, we want to get high. Plus, addicts and alcoholics love chaos. We love sabotaging everything. We love building it up and then tearing it all down.

     From the preface of “The Privileged Addict” – “The active addict, or the sober yet untreated one, is a truly selfish being who harms nearly everything he comes into contact with. The ripple effect of his behavior is far reaching, as he gradually destroys all things precious in life.”

    I continue to hope and pray that addicts, families and all those who suffer find their way back home to the Lord. Addicts simply need to let go and accept life on life’s terms. By living in the moment and accepting everything, we can find some peace and just be okay with the way things are.

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