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  “Recovery is not a function of time. It is a function of what actions we take and at what frequency we take them.”   

     Do you know an addict or an alcoholic? Is it your son, daughter or spouse? Is it you? Or perhaps you have lost power over something else such as depression, anger, food, sex or gambling? There are few words that can describe the pain that a loss of power causes – the toll it takes on our minds, hearts and spirits, the endless ripple effects and the victims that lie in its wake. Shouldn’t those we love feel the relief and the freedom that the recovered have procured for themselves? And don’t we all deserve access to these powerful and life-changing tools? Anybody can lose power and therefore anybody can take steps.
     The Twelve Steps are not just that poster hanging on the wall during a meeting or support group. This program gives us a rigorous set of actions based on universal spiritual principles that we find at the core of any religious tradition throughout time. Please use and share this groundbreaking Twelve Step guide for a profound and cathartic spiritual experience of your own. Ask yourself if it is time to regain power and to effect real and lasting change in your life. Ask yourself if it is time to let go, find peace and become free. Trust me, there is nothing better in this world than simply being okay… so go for it.


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*P.S. To all parent or spouse readers: I purposely neglected to add a 4th Step resentment inventory example as if I was a parent resenting my child or a spouse resenting my spouse for being an active addict for several reasons. 1) I’m not a parent with an addicted child or a spouse with an addicted spouse. The book is based on my experience, so I kept the examples authentic to my personal experience. 2) I felt it was best not to take anybody else’s inventory. It’s much better to find the answers on your own. That said, if anyone is still confused down the road and would like a very general example of what that resentment would look like “turned around”, so to speak, let me know and I’ll post it either below or in the comment box. 

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