I’ll Send a Book to Any Treatment Facility

     I just thought of this after a recent correspondence, but if any parents, spouses, addicts or alcoholics, including those who have previously reached out to me, would like me to send a copy of The Privileged Addict and/or Anybody Can Take Steps to any treatment facility or sober house etc. where your child/spouse is staying or has stayed, or where you are staying or have stayed, please feel free to email me the address at capeabody3@gmail.com and I’ll have my distributor send them out immediately.


2 thoughts on “I’ll Send a Book to Any Treatment Facility

  1. My son has been living this life for 10 years. He's currently in jail for violating drug court and is on his way to shock incarceration. Your book has given me so much hope because he is everything you describe yourself to be-and you recovered. Thank you for writing this book and for all you are doing to help others.

  2. You are so welcome. This really touches me, as when the idea to write The Privileged Addict came to me, I felt so compelled to tell others that we need not hold on by a thread stuck in misery and insanity day after say, but rather that anybody can change and recover and live a fulfilling life of peace and purpose. God bless you. I will pray hard for your son later tonight when I go to pray.

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