My Son Met a Weed Dealer in AA

     Just to bear in mind, I am no less messed up than anybody else. I have simply recovered from thoughts or desires to drink, use or self-destruct. That’s it. Drugs and alcohol are no longer a problem for me and haven’t been since I gave my life to God and committed to a life of right action as opposed to wrong action. Specifically, the obsession was removed the moment after I read the 7th Step prayer. So when someone writes me about how ‘pretentious’ I am and how I write from my ‘spiritual hilltop’ (lol), I happily submit to you that I am just as much of a pathetic drug addict as you are, one that I’m sure many have to suffer the very presence of 😉 


Charlie, I for one thank God that I found your blog. I thank you for your honesty. I wish there were more treatment centers like the one you went to instead of the bullshit ones that take our money and don’t give a shit about the people in the program. We’ve been through plenty of rehabs and I’ve never really met a single person working at one of them that cared. It’s always about the money. None live up to the claims they make on their websites. It’s sickening really. Sorry to vent, I’m having a bad day. I just found out that one of the friends my son made at AA is a weed dealer. He’s 60 yrs old and goes to meetings to get kids to sell for him. I’m so disgusted….with everything right now.


I thank God for you too. Breathe and let’s pray together.

I wish there were too, but ultimately we must be willing to do the work and grow in order to recover. As well, we must be willing to change and to believe that something Greater than ourselves can get us better. We must believe that we [alone] cannot get ourselves better. 

It is only when we let go of this veil of pride and this arrogance about being able to do anything that we feel true humility, which is the first step and from which we can go on to accomplish anything.

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