Try Shooting God into Your Veins

July 11, 2012

Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

     If I can take a 1st Step, then I can take a 2nd Step. Without knowing it, by taking a 1st Step, we’ve already taken a 2nd Step.

     I remember sitting in treatment and a fellow knucklehead was trying to convince me that I had no power. I went on one of my embarrassing rants, asserting that I had power… just let it get a little out of hand. That’s when another guy stared me down and told me if I was still thinking that way, I just wasted my first three days.

     And then the 1st Step hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that for all the things I could do, the one thing I couldn’t was to control my addiction. Drugs and alcohol had me by the balls. That’s probably why I was sitting in rehab wearing four flannel shirts in the middle of summer after stumbling into detox looking like a corpse.

     So I’ve just admitted that drugs and alcohol are more powerful than me. If I can believe that, why can’t I believe that there is something else more powerful that can fix me? Suddenly I realized that I didn’t have to freak out about believing in a Greater Power. There are an endless slew of things more powerful than us humans. We are at the mercy of so many forces, both worldly and other-worldly.

     But to keep it simple, if I’ve just admitted, felt, and understood that drugs and alcohol have power over me, it was simple logic to accept the possibility of something else more powerful that could effect positive change. And it wasn’t long before my blind faith proved true. There was indeed something much, much more powerful than myself, and it shook me to the core one night up North. For a brief time, I felt a force far greater than drugs and alcohol take over my body and mind. In an instant, it removed any and all urge to drink or use drugs. It emptied my mind and filled my heart. I’m sure you can guess what it was. And as it began to seep through my veins, I began to feel a sense of purpose. Instead of a compulsion to drink or use drugs, I felt a compulsion to help others.

     Seven years later, I still feel that compulsion. Living proof that the 12 Steps effect miracles and life long recovery (if taken directly from the Big Book and if taken thoroughly and fearlessly. 99% = 0%.)

God, teach us to be still and know…

Or I suppose you could just try this new cutting edge secular approach: Ithaca’s Anti-Heroin Plan: Open a Site to Shoot Heroin

2 thoughts on “Try Shooting God into Your Veins

  1. They are thinking about opening a site to inject heroin in New York as well. I know that it is damage control as we have lost so many young people and it is truly a tragedy. My issue is that I have never seen anyone who uses heroin be able to lead a productive life, work, etc. They will spend money on injection sites but not state funded treatment. You still have to wait weeks to get help, there is something wrong with that picture.

  2. Yes, because a) they don't really want addicts to recover. A doped out, powerless and dependent population is much easier to control. They are actually teaching this addict/victim mentality to college students now. They are teaching them to embrace a lower standard of living via our higher standard of living. And b) corporatism (as opposed to capitalism). That is, government is in bed with the largest health care monopolies, pharmaceutical companies and of course, big business recovery (if we recover, there is no one left to treat, hence the relapse is part of recovery model). Those who think more government is the solution and that these initiatives are actually designed to help addicts recover have their heads in the sand. So yeah, you are right that there is something wrong with that picture 😉

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