"Subtance Abuse Disorder"

“The process of losing choice is a choice.”  The Privileged Addict

     “Substance abuse disorder”? Lol.

     A friend of mine just texted me to share how tremendously relieved he was to know that he was in no way a selfish, dope fiend alcoholic, but just a sweet little boy with a “substance abuse disorder”. I wrote back at once to further reassure him.

     “Ya bro, you didn’t know?! It’s not your fault, man… you just happened to catch a ‘substance abuse disorder’ as it was flying through the air.”

     Again, he was relieved.

     “Oh that’s great. A disorder doesn’t sound so bad.”

     “Exactly, dude. And don’t forget that relapse is part of recovery, bro!”

     I understand that we want to minimize addiction, especially when it’s your loved one. Sure you would rather call your child someone with a “substance abuse disorder” as opposed to an emaciated, toothless, STD-ridden junkbox. Sure you would rather say that your child has an illness when in fact he or she is a thief who is robbing your jewelry or a liar who is pretending to come to dinner and plea for 20 bucks for organic kale or a bus ticket to the micro-aggression/safe space rally in Times Square.

     I understand.

      But that doesn’t change the fact that addicts do not innocently catch “substance abuse disorders” in the air. First of all, no need to minimize addiction by regurgitating psycho-babble DSM bullshit. We are addicts. Period. Second, we put a hell of a lot of time and effort into becoming addicts. We didn’t just wake up one day while cuddling our stuffed giraffe and suddenly we are some full blown meth junkie. Sorry, nope.

     We mutated ourselves into addicts via a series of selfish acts. It’s very simple. And if becoming an addict is the result of a series of selfish acts, than recovering from addiction results from a series of unselfish acts. And if our problem is spiritual in nature than so must be our solution. It’s very simple. You don’t need a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and the DSM-V to figure it out. Trust me. Addicts who don’t get better simply do not want to change. When they do, the solution will find them.

     P.S. When I say solution, I don’t mean 4 methadone wafers everyday until you are drooling on the couch with Kool-Aid dripping from your chin and half-chewed Twizzlers stuck to your t-shirt. That’s not a solution. Sorry to offend the makers of Kool-Aid and Twizzlers, but I might as well go for it before free speech is a thing of the distant past. Trust me, it is happening… right along side the economic/social decline and the loss of confidence in government. Collectivism is collapsing my friends, but I suppose that is a somewhat different topic for a somewhat different forum.

*P.S.S. Some new opportunities have materialized for us to expand our real estate business, and since that is the endeavor that actually pays, I will not have time to open up TPA counseling again. Apologies. However, I will soon be moving everything over to a new, beautiful Privileged Addict website, where you will be able to go for blogs, future vlogs, discussion, books, everything. I will try to connect everything with the social media as well so you can share this stuff more easily. Together, we can remove the bullshit from addiction and the sugar-coated nonsense from status quo recovery. Help me do this. I need you.

6 thoughts on “"Subtance Abuse Disorder"

  1. Whatever you need Charlie, let us know, and I'm sure many will be willing to help you spread your message of sanity and good sense.

  2. Here are other euphemisms I have heard at meetings:

    1. I am a serial philanderer- This is code for I am a lying cheating stealing bag of scum that would fuck a worm if I could get my dick in it because there is no end to my disgusting self centerdness.

    2. I have a real problem with perfectionism- More psychobabble code for I am really just a plain old self centered asshole that cannot think of anybody but myself and cannot tolerate the way anybody other than me gets anything done in this world.

    3. I'm just a nice guy that drank a little too much- WRONG-

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