Important Update on TPA Site Move

Please Note!

     ALL NEW POSTS will now be published on a beautiful new TPA site that can be located at:

     New posts will also be posted on this blog as well, which will stay live indefinitely until the platform I chose is able to import the entirety of this blog and all relevant search results point to the new site. However, there is also a feed to this entire blog as a stand alone page entitled, “Blogger,” which you will see on the navigation bar at the top of the new site.
     As well, I will gradually add quotes to images specifically designed to be shared all over social media, so please go to the page entitled, “Share These” and go nuts. Also, expect many more to be added over time. I will post them here as well.

 *IMPORTANT: No need to change the links if you list this blog on your site, but make sure to subscribe to the new site if you subscribe to these posts via email and want updates for that site as well.


Major PS

     I would love more than anything to continue writing and removing bullshit from addiction & recovery & other stuff, but in order to do that I will have to generate some ad revenue from the blog and new site. Thus, I will need your help to share the individual posts (here and especially on the new site) and the image quotes wherever you can to generate more traffic to the blog and website.

     God bless each and every one of you.

4 thoughts on “Important Update on TPA Site Move

  1. Thanks Liz! Still working on tons of stuff like the comment elements, blog archive, search box, etc. so still a work in progress but coming along. So funny that I designed the whole thing only to discover the platform as of yet cannot import the entirety of this blog, although there is a blogger feed. But soon enough it will be all set up properly and then hopefully people won't mind moving over there… 😉 Thanks for reaching out, Liz. You are the best.

  2. Yes, absolutely. If you have subscribed by email to this blog, you will continue to get email updates with new posts. If you want updates/new posts emailed from the new site, you have to subscribe on that site, which can be done at the bottom of any page. Bless you.

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