Major Important Update


     I will continue to post new blogs on this site as well as the new site because all of the old posts and many specific topics obviously point here on search engines. Feel free to continue to link this blog if you list it on your site. This will be indefinite for quite some time until I can import the blog onto the new site and get it properly designed, optimized and trafficked. So if you enjoy this site and like the setup, I will post anything new both here AND the new site located at:

     I will continue to add TPA quotes to both sites so please feel free to go nuts and share them all over social media, as that will help me to continue writing the blog. The new site is much more appealing and less cluttered, so we’ll eventually move over to it for good 😉 For now, though, feel free to use either site, as the same content will be posted on both.

     Thanks and enjoy. 

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