Why Methadone & Suboxone Are So Ridiculous

Comment from “Why the Steps Work”:

      “It’s been 9 years of methadone and then suboxone treatment for my daughter. You might think that would make her somewhat functional, so why is it that she is in the same place she was when she used heroin…absolute dysfunction?”

      Finally, someone who gets it. Any addict on methadone or suboxone has accomplished zero from point A to point B. Trust me, there are no grey areas. If the addict is still using, he or she is still 100% chained to addiction, enslaved by the mental obsession and committed to the addict mind and heart. How is it not obvious that when you give an addict methadone or suboxone, you perpetuate everything that makes an addict, an addict?

     First and foremost, you keep him or her addicted to his or her drug of choice (hunh?) thus keeping his physical allergy, his lack of mental power, and his spiritual deterioration alive and well. The withdrawal alone, should he finally decide to become an adult and find the strength to actually recover, will continuously pull him back in, and of course, back to heroin. Ridiculous. There is no such thing as harm reduction. Methadone is poison.

      More importantly, by validating synthetic opiates as a perfectly acceptable treatment option, you have now accepted and rationalized his addiction to perpetual comfort. You have therefore justified his preoccupation with pleasuring himself. What sort of message does that send?

      Let me tell you what message it sends.

      For one, you are telling the addict that it is perfectly acceptable to use drugs, which it is not. You are also telling him that is is perfectly acceptable to remain crippled by his or her addiction, which it is not. It is not acceptable to remain “absolutely dysfunctional” and saturated by mood-altering substances. You are essentially telling the addict that it is okay to remain a coddled child, to remain exempt from the reality of human life and adult responsibility. You are telling the addict that he or she need not worry about growing up, walking through fear, developing strength of character, finding a purpose and contributing to the world and to his fellow man and to his fellow addicts who still suffer.

      Finally, and perhaps most important, you are basically saying that the addict is damaged goods and screwed for life. You are saying (allowing) that the addict is simply not capable of recovering – recovering without synthetic heroin, that is. Patting the addict on the back and giving him a bottle of methadone implants a sense of failure and weakness into the mind of an addict. What I find particularly disturbing is this is done under the guise of love, kindness, science and “meeting the addict where they are.” But that is a lie. It is not loving or helpful at all to plant in them such a degenerate message, the message that it is okay to give up, to self-medicate and to become yet another subsidized victim. Trust me, that doesn’t help anyone. It cripples them.

      I realize this strategy has been cleverly scripted and marketed to sound compassionate, but it is quite the opposite of compassion. It is also made to sound like the moral and loving thing to do, but the truth is it is immoral and unloving. Sorry.

      If you want to help an addict, teach him how to enlarge his spiritual life. Teach him of the moral realities of adult life and the responsibility he or she has to engage in rigorous action each and every day for the sake of himself, his family, the larger world, and most of all, for God. Teach him how to remain centered, teach him how to pray, teach him how to get an f’ing job. Teach him how to call his mom everyday and tell her that he loves her and that he is okay.

      If an addict wants to change, he can. God will power anyone who wants to get better.

      PS The rationale I always hear is that sucking on methadone is supplemented with therapy (so it’s all good – not), but what exactly is anyone going to accomplish on while jammed out of one’s skull trying to peel the half-chewed, now crusted Twizzler (that fell out of your mouth when you nodded off) off of your t-shirt? This is also assuming that therapy does anything for an addict, when in fact it does absolutely nothing.

      PPS Good Ayn Rand quote (Author of “Atlas Shrugged”):

      “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you. . . you may know that your society is doomed.”

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