The Votes Are In: Addicts Are Selfish People


     Took some screenshots for you throughout the week (privileged addict searches omitted). Is anyone out there really going to keep up with the farce that addicts are not morally challenged? Selfishness at the expense of others is a moral failure. Continuing to use once we lose control is a moral failure. I think it’s time to admit what is so glaringly obvious. Hey, don’t take my word for it, listen to the people. See for yourself…

alcoholics anonymous. meeting makers
frothy emotional appeal big book
aa cured vs recovered
are alcoholics selfish
can sociopaths get better (lol)
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gift of desperation nonsense
god healed me from methadone (yes, methadone is pure evil)
latuda fuck
meeting makers make it (meeting makers make meetings)
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the addict blames everyone
why do addicted people feel they are [victims]
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alcoholics are selfish
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how to get out of a manipulative relationship
what alcoholics don’t think they are assholes
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why r alcoholics self centered
why are alcoholics so selfish
alcoholics don’t care who they hurt
he’s an alcoholic and only worried about [himself]
why are addicts so selfish
why be sober (this guy makes everybody’s point for them)
addict lose girl after hurting feelings 
alcoholic friend never calls criticizes(right because untreated addicts aren’t capable of friendships, which require giving)
alcoholic husband says he’s not abusive
aa resentment inventory example
addicts epitomize selfishness
gift of desperation aa
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alcoholic feeling sorry for himself
chatrooms for spouses of mean selfish alcoholics
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walking away from an alcoholic…
alcoholics selfish
can the false self survive in sobriety? (nope)
alcoholics abandon relationships
should you just accept alcoholics as t… (no, you shouldn’t)
don’t feel comfortable around wife drinking…
selfish addicts
aa 164 self-knowledge
alcoholic thinks about the past
are addicts obnoxious (does the sun rise in the morning?)
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resentment inventory example 

3 thoughts on “The Votes Are In: Addicts Are Selfish People

  1. Yes and yes. It's astounding to read the majority of materials on addiction out there, which completely leave out that *teeny* piece of information, as if it isn't relevant to the discussion, that every addict out there is outrageously selfish. Not only is that extremely relevant to the problem, it IS the problem!

    Thanks so much for cutting through all the bull shit, Charlie…

  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I believe that many addicts are being brainwashed by the general public and their doctors who push the “disease concept.” I hear at my Nar-Anon meetings all the time and it makes my blood boil. People will share how bad they feel when their addict will tell them how difficult it is being an addict, waking up in the AM, feeling sick, trying hard to score drugs, how so much work is involved in that. I sit there thinking, WHAT THE HELL? Gee, it's hard for us as well being stolen from, lied to, spending money on rehabs, all the while having them relapse over and over again. Don't get me wrong I do have empathy but I'll be damned if I'm going to excuse all the bullshit that my son has pulled over the past three years.

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