The One Requirement to Recover… Besides Hard Work.

July 4, 2014

      It’s really simple: You have to want God (spiritual growth) more than drugs.

     Obviously it’s hard to want anything other than more dope when we roll into or out of detox, wallowing in depression and angst. That’s why there are few options for the hopeless drunks and addicts out there other than to give every last ounce of spirit and courage we have within us to the Twelve Steps as they are laid out in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, thus inducing a psychic change that will shower us with immediate and profound relief.

     When you feel this kind of relief and freedom within, it is then that you will want God more than drugs. And so long as this is the case, you will remain recovered and free from any desire to drink or use. Thoughts to drink or use will have no power over you. Thoughts to self-destruct and to sabotage everything will have no power over you. You will be able to sit down with no distractions whatsoever and feel completely okay. Your mind no longer races. You are not ridden by guilt and shame. You are no longer a tortured soul. Trust me, it’s awesome.

     And yes, this is all true and it happens. Everyday.

     I lay down to sleep at night and fall sound asleep in minutes, if not seconds. There are no more nightmares, no more psychic pain, no more unfinished business. This is what recovered is. Recovered means we are free. Relapse is out of the question because the only thing recovered people care about is getting closer to God, helping others, being honest, being better, and growing spiritually (not that I do any of that well, but this is the essential distinction between an addict lit up with the fire of God vs the mere physically sober nightmare still ripping the hearts out of those who love him, or her).

     I wish with all my heart that every addict in the world meets a recovered person and sees what I saw many years ago – a person who was glowing, grounded, sane, free, calm, wise and at peace. You can just look into the eyes of a recovered person and know they are truly okay, that any obsession to drink or use or self-destruct is just gone. I wish suffering addicts will see this and decide that they must have this thing, this peace. Finally, I wish addicts will then decide to put God first before anything, because the very instant that happens, addiction will never be a problem again, so long as we live.

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