Don’t Bother Working Hard Because Success Is Just "Luck"

      At a recent commencement ceremony, one of our elected puppets asserted arrogantly that success was by no means voluntary, but simply a function of “luck,” which is no doubt code for, well, I’m sure you can deduce the various implications on your own.

     So wait, success (in life, as in recovery) has nothing to do with, say…
     Hard work?

     Strength of character?

     The courage to walk through fear and take a risk?

     The courage to make tough decisions?

     Persevering when leveled by disappointment or failure?

     Walking through exhaustion and discomfort?

     Fighting relentlessly until a goal is achieved? 

     The wisdom to change course when necessary?

     The willingness to be wrong?

     The ability to influence and motivate others?
     Not avoiding confrontation simply to preserve one’s comfort zone?

     Remaining positive in the face of ridicule, criticism and envy?

     Remaining educable?










     Belief in oneself?

     Nothing to do with any of the above???


     And I suppose since it is only “luck” that anyone would have achieved some success, they are certainly not entitled to keep it.


     Clever strategy to push a very self-serving agenda.

P.S. Go Britain! Today was a win for the people of Britain and a loss for the anti-democratic, socialist EU super state. George Soros and his minions must be shitting in their pants. Today was a win for freedom and independence and a loss for the globalist elitists and the bankers who wanted to maintain power by controlling the people through population management, economic slavery and collectivism via a loss of sovereignty (and therefore, spirit). I guess the ‘great unwashed’ are not that stupid after all;)

     Martin Armstrong summarized the mistake of the braindead EU politicians by stating that “Brussels simply went too far. They crossed the line moving from an economic union to a political subordination of Europe. Now five more countries want to hold referendums to exit the EU – France, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Finland and Hungary all could leave.” Even economically, you can’t hold one struggling country hostage to bail out another struggling country for absolutely nothing in return. That is what the mafia does. Plus, there is no common bond market, so the Euro was doomed to fail from its inception.

“European Superstate to be Unveiled” 

P.S.S. Anyone notice that John Ashe (former president of the UN General Assembly) just coincidentally died “accidentally” right before testifying against you-know-who? Amazing. What is that, like, the 200th guy?

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