Get Used to Less Dopamine

      I really don’t get it. Instead of rationalizing addiction as a naturally-occurring lack of endogenous opioids and then justifying various forms of artificial dopamine as treatment because we’re just poor, innocent victims of a blameless disease, here’s a novel idea:

     Get used to less dopamine.

     Why are drugs addicts and alcoholics somehow entitled to be treated with more euphoria, as if it isn’t our selfish preoccupation with physical and mental climax that got us into trouble to begin with?

     I don’t get it.

     Why not simply get used to a more human amount of dopamine?

     I’ve read stuff by some these poor parents on other blogs who discuss the latest propaganda spewed by psychiatrists and behavioral neuroscientists. They believe their sons and daughter are innocent “victims” of an organic lack of endogenous opioids and the poor little things are shooting dope in a desperate attempt to address a “legitimate” mental health issue?


     Sorry, but that is insane. This kind of thinking is removed from reality.

     Most people don’t actually believe that, do they? So wait, let me get this straight, we addicts legitimately need opiates because we are suffering from a lack of opiates, which causes us to suffer mentally. Come on. Please. First of all, I think I know what my problem is. Second, I definitely know that I don’t need more opiates, but hey, you can tell yourself anything you want in an effort to justify our immature and deranged behavior.

    First of all, there is no rationale or justification for anybody to use heroin, regardless of how fucked you brain might be. Using hard drugs is wrong. And if you have lost control, using any mood-altering substance is wrong.

     Second, this is the very last message on earth you want to send addicts and alcoholics: that your body is wired to need drugs and therefore it’s okay to use.

     That is insane.

     Furthermore, it prevents real recovery. Navigating life and the world with artificial amounts of dopamine is not real life. Dealing with life on life’s terms is real life and therefore real recovery.

     Why are we entitled to have maximum comfort simply because we mutated ourselves into drug addicts? Why not simply deal with being human being? Wouldn’t getting used to less dopamine bring about a more fundamental and lasting recovery? Where did this degenerate notion come from, that addicts naturally need more dopamine and therefore we should give it to them?

     They don’t need more dopamine, they WANT more dopamine.

     We want more dopamine because when you use drugs, you are literally flooding your CNS with pleasure and relief (i.e. euphoria). Naturally, the removal of such ridiculous amounts of artificial relief will create some whining and moaning, but trust me, this is good for addicts. It’s okay to suffer a little bit. It’s good for us, and in fact, it is the trick to recovery – to be okay with normal amounts of dopamine, i.e. to simply feel human and continue to do what we need to do, to walk through discomfort.

     The key to maladies such as addiction and depression is simple:

     Don’t let your feelings stop you.

     Don’t let your feelings stop you from doing what you need to do, from doing the right thing. Don’t worry, feelings are not gonna kill you. In fact, the more you move through them, the more action you take and the busier you get, the more the depression will dissipate. We get stuck when we stop, cower and retreat into our comfort zones.

     As far as drug and alcohol addiction go, the more you reach out and step outside of yourself, the more you will come to naturally repel drugs and alcohol. You will be lifted up spiritually, in the real way, and will seek real strength and real peace as opposed to the phony, manufactured comfort of drugs and alcohol.

    So sorry, but we can’t let the current thinking about addiction devolve into absolute nonsense. Nobody just wakes up one day and they are suddenly a fully blown addict with no control over their drinking or using. That is ridiculous. You have to use and drink quite a bit in order to to officially break your body and develop the physical allergy. The process of losing choice is indeed very much a choice. That is the truth, so please, see addiction as it is, not as you want it to be. 

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