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     Whoever wrote this is a fucking lunatic and knows nothing of plant medicine and furthermore is an AA/NA cultist


     Thanks for making my point for me… I guess. But this is not very difficult to grasp. I have nothing against Ibogaine. I’ve read that it can quite effectively detox opiate addicts… but that is exactly my point.

     There is detox…

     …and then there is a lifetime of recovery.
     To note (briefly) regarding Ibogaine as effective in detoxing heroin junkies, according to Wikipedia, the action of the psychoactive drug within the plant “is metabolized in the human body by cytochrome P450 2D6 into noribogaine (12-hydroxyibogamine). Noribogaine is most potent as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It acts as a moderate κ-opioid receptor agonist[27] and weak µ-opioid receptor agonist[28] or weak partial agonist.[29” I can understand how a kappa-opioid receptor agonist may help detox an addict, but I don’t understand how inhibiting serotonin re-uptake (which means more serotonin) as well as activating the mu-opioid receptor would do any such thing except provide physical comfort to the addict, which by the way, I don’t believe is good for addicts. I don’t believe addicts should detox comfortably for several obvious reasons. 

     At any rate, I can’t believe I have to say this and state what seems so clear, but let’s proceed given that the Ibogaine pumpers, while also being generally enraged and unstable, believe the plant to be a comprehensive, lifelong solution, that by tripping their balls off once, albeit therapeutically, we are somehow free from the addict mind and heart. Don’t worry about doing any actual work on yourself day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year or decade after decade because the plant itself can somehow assume the day to day grind of human life – it can write your inventory, make your amends, give back to your family, friends and other loved ones all that you have taken. It can also meditate, exercise, eat right, work hard, contribute, serve and work with others (which, quite frankly, every addict must do, as service runs contrary to addiction, and thus service is the nature of the solution that undoes the selfishness within.)

     Once you are detoxed and you fall right off your pink cloud one day, all of the hard work of recovery, life, family and career you and you alone must gather the strength and willingness to take on. You and you alone must get up and act. The plant can’t do that for you, and by all accounts, detox is but a short clinical procedure. The ass must then rise up off of the couch, buddy. Sorry if that offends you or violates your “safe space.” The fever pitch nowadays about everybody’s feelings and how everything must be scrubbed and sanitized is insufferable. Is the notion of growing up and becoming an adult really so devastating that we have to castigate such language as discriminatory? Ridiculous.

     Apparently, I also know nothing about plant medicine (meaning nothing at all), despite having spent a fair amount of time studying Chinese herbs, tinctures, homeopathy, Ayurvedic medicine, drug action and psychopharmacology. Plant medicine? You mean like weed, dude? Let me guess, pot is medicine, too, right? Try telling that to your poor brain. Or how about heroin, a derivative of the poppy plant, or cocaine, a derivative of the coca plant?

     Here was my honest and thoughtful analysis of the post in question, and then we can decide who is lunatic cultist, k?

     “First of all, and this may be somewhat irrelevant, but regarding other types of drugs as a solution to drug addiction, more drugs don’t fix a drug problem just like more debt doesn’t fix a debt problem, obviously. Mood-altering drugs, regardless of class, are the antithesis of the spiritual life. Why is common sense is so lost on us when it comes to addiction and recovery? To make an insane drug addict sane again requires quite the opposite of dissociating from reality.


     It really matters nothing what effect Ibogaine or any other drug may have on your neurochemistry because no drug in history has ever been able to magically restore a man to sanity and lift his obsession to use drugs. Neither has science ever been able to restore a man’s body, enabling him to use normally. Furthermore, psychedelics don’t make you a better person. They cannot restore a person morally and spiritually. Only hard work and consistent right action can do that. And I suspect science and drugs will never solve this one. We are supposed to work for our recovery, especially when you consider how much we have taken.

     Even if you receive some temporary clarity and the novelty of that keeps you sober for a while, trust me, it is only a matter of time before your old self smacks you back in the face. It is like building a house on sand. If your foundation hasn’t been laid solid through hard work and sacrifice, your house of cards will blow over when life challenges you and the going gets rough. Sure ibogaine may detox you properly, but then what? Nothing will stop you from wanting to get high once you’re clean… or rather, nothing will stop the mental obsession from randomly smacking you in the face. The fact is that chemical intervention has never made an insane man sane again. Let’s elaborate…”

     Now, you can go and read the rest of the post and decide if I’m being unfair and/or obtuse about the whole thing, but part of what motivated the post was the unhinged behavior of Ibogaine pumpers that you see trolling blogs. If you say anything they don’t like, watch out. But if it is indeed the healing of the nations and the bringer of peace, as asserted, then um, why are you guys so angry and hostile?

     What prompted my original post was observing the dialogue triggered by sincere questions and concerns by grieving parents on an Ibogaine blog. Two of the more frightening comments by the frantic trolls were, “I’m not in this for the money, I’m just saving addicts’ lives” and “Fine, let your kid die if you want.” Gee, how humble. That sort of grandiose vitriol should have you running.

     So are you sure it’s me who is the “f***ing lunatic cultist?” Admittedly, we should all take a moment from time to time to look in the mirror and assess the quality of our recovery, the quality of our character, the quality of our souls. I do, and while I fail often and constantly reassess, at least I know how damaged and messed up I am and try to work on myself. So are you really at peace with your plant? Or are you really just miserable and angry and looking to project?

      I know some people hate this blog and even my former wife thinks I am negative and preachy, but she and others have read but a few lines and haven’t seen the pile of honest self-deprecation contained within these blogs, let alone the many posts about God, love, meditation, inventory, courage, hope and positivity. I am well aware of all of my flaws and sin, but does that mean I shouldn’t write what I know? Remember also that a sponsor is not a friend to go bowling with and jerk you off. You don’t have to like me for me to able to help you, and thank goodness for that, because while I do plan on trying to live right, I don’t plan on becoming a different person to suit others any time soon.

4 thoughts on “Ibogaine Comment/Response

  1. Its been awhile since I have commented.Thank you for always,always,always,being so truthful and brutally honest.May God bless you always Charlie.

  2. I came to believe that pain and suffering are necessary in our human lives. We get stronger, build a character, appreciate life better. Any pill that provides easy way out is just a temporarily relief from an insanity… like having a good dream and upon awakening you feel good, only moments later the reality comes crushing down on you. I am a parent of an addict and I have to push through an emotional pain every day. I don't get any relief. What makes it worthwhile is learning from a recovered addicts how to live life right. I do the best I can today. I know that no pill can replace an effect of a simple prayer.

  3. There is no need for extremism. Ibogaine works, I mean plain and simple, but it doesn't cure you, it just gives you a boost forward. It's like basically removing the first 6 weeks of recovery in a 5-7 day period. Does that mean you are cured? Does that mean you have skipped past all the emotional trauma and horrible impact you have made on yourself and your family? No. It's just a boost past withdrawal. It's still up to you to stay clean, clean up your past, and learn to move forward.The idea that Ibogaine pushers are saying there is only one way etc etc is mind boggling. However, I have been in the Ibogaine business a long time and I have seen some of the clinics and how they are being run by current, yes current, drug addicts. Sure, many of them are run by honest former drug users that have never turned back, but some are still being run by horrible people. Anyone trying to sell you on the idea that there is only one way to recovery, Ibogaine or some other way, is wrong. But on the other hand, anyone trying to tell you that Ibogaine isn't an option and that it shouldn't be seriously considered by any addict is also wrong.In my opinion knowledge is the only form of power. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that Ibogaine is even an option. Everyone should seek out all of the options they have and then choose for themselves. Ibogaine does work, and even top minds like Gabor Mate are seriously backing psychedelics like Ayahuasca and DMT for treating addiction. And these are just psychedelics without any of the reset properties that Ibogaine offers.So the psychedelic experience itself can be a great healing tool. But once again these are only tools and they must be used correctly. They will not solve you problems but they may show you problems that need solving that you weren't aware were buried inside of you.

  4. Finally, a somewhat rational comment from the Ibogaine crowd. I am personally of the opinion that psychedelics and dissociating from reality negates the work it proposes to undertake, unearthing this or that, but hey, I'm just a cultist so what do I know?

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