Why Not Just Suck on Methadone Wafers For The Rest of My Life?

     Forget about the fact that methadone will ravage your body and eventually kill you, but it seems obvious when you also consider the condition of insanity which the addict must be rid of to gain back his or her power of choice, let alone the totality of his mental, emotional and spiritual sickness.

     Think about it.

     What personality disorders have we NOT developed? When did our emotional development cease? What is the depth of our self-centeredness and immaturity? Do we even understand adult life? Do we understand that we are separate from others – that other people see, feel, think, act and respond differently than we do? Have we even yet developed the ability to step in another’s shoes? Are we yet capable of empathy? Can we listen and swallow our pride? Are we willing to be wrong even when we may be right but for the good of the other person or the situation as a whole? How sick are we emotionally, mentally and spiritually? How our conscience shrunk into oblivion? What is our capacity to love and care for self and others? Have we become a sociopath?

     Finally, and this may sound foreign to a Western understanding of the body and mind, but when people use drugs and alcohol chronically, they are vulnerable energetically. This also occurs with a poor diet and other toxins that essentially numb the pineal gland and other right-brain areas responsible for intuition, understanding, wisdom, consciousness and our connection to God.

     Thus, drugs and alcohol and our physical compulsion to use are but a sideshow, and when you leave an addict to simply bathe in methadone or suboxone, you still have an angry, sick, nutjob on your hands. You still have a child who sees himself as a victim, who sees events as acting upon him rather than attracting or causing events/problems himself.

    As the Big Book notes, and this was the line that first hit me like a ton of bricks and ran through my being like a bolt of lightening, “We feel that elimination of our drinking is but a beginning. A much more important demonstration of our principles lies before us in our respective homes, occupations and affairs.” – Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 19.

     Sure we are all damaged to some extent, but the addict’s condition is hopeless without comprehensive repair. He or she will most likely need the help and power of God.

     It seems sensible that if our problem is spiritual in nature… so must be our solution. No?

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