There’s No Point to Treatment if We Fail to Begin Loving God More Than Drugs (Edited)

     I once loved drugs and alcohol with all my heart. The idea that we addicts somehow don’t want to be addicts and never wanted to be enslaved by some drug is a myth. Sure, perhaps deep down somewhere we want to truly be free but have instead chosen the easy “solution” and false freedom of drugs because we are cowards… but you have to understand that addicts love drugs like a soul mate (and btw “soul mates” don’t exist except in absurd Hollywood movies). That’s why we’re addicts.

     We’re not addicts because whoops, we woke up one day and became addicts, or whoops, we wimped out and took a Vicodin for some minor procedure and now we can’t stop. We don’t want to stop. We loved taking the Vicodin. We love anything and everything that gets us high, changes the way we feel, triggers the release of dopamine in our reward system and saturates our CNS with pleasure, thus preserving our comfort zone. Short of shedding the mortal coil and floating off into lala land, free from the predicament of existing in a human body, drugs and alcohol (like power) serve as the great deception and false solution of both internal and external freedom and peace. We believe the drugs are washing us with some holy elixir, though nothing could be further from the truth.
     And this is why there are so many false solutions for the slavery of drugs and alcohol. This is also why there are so many theories of addiction – the most recent and by far most destructive being the idea that addiction is a permanent disease that the poor addict didn’t give to themselves via a series of selfish actions (remember that the process of losing choice is a choice). Even AA has been infected by this nonsense, but to be sure, the Big Book refers to addiction and alcoholism as an illness or “malady,” further stating that our main problem centers in the mind, not the body.

     I personally tried just about everything one can try – from the excuses/reasons invented in talk therapy to mind-numbing psychotropics to substitution drugs like methadone and suboxone that kept me chained and almost killed me as swiftly as heroin (this sort of physical/spiritual poison can be likened to the devil, for sure). I tried wilderness trips, rock-climbing, art, music and acting. I tried self-help nonsense and listening to a slew of Godless new-age heretics. I tried visualization, crystals, polarity, acupuncture, acupressure. I tried some ridiculous homeopathy to patch holes in my aura and a St. John’s Wart tincture for my depression. I tried driving across the country, having relationships, socializing more, socializing less, and on and on and on… but the thing is…

     I loved drugs the entire time, and it doesn’t take a prodigy to deduce that is not gonna work. So why have I now finally stopped loving drugs as much as a narcissist loves self?

     Because I love God now.  Loving God more than drugs is probably the only solution for any long-term, hopeless addict or alcoholic. Why? Because loving God more than drugs is the only thing powerful enough to replace my addiction. While worldly remedies have little or no power to alter the entire course of our lives, the power of God is limitless. It can restore a man to sanity in an instant. It can drive a man each and every day to wake up and give his life over to Him, to guide and steer him throughout the day, the change his heart to begin to love what is right and clean more than what is wrong and filthy, to change the make-up of a man, his character and his entire attitude and belief about life and what life is about.

     What people must also understand is that our primary poison is not drugs and alcohol, it is our selfishness. If we do not become willing to replace our selfishness with a desire to instead be closer to God, we cannot and will not recover. Most addicts only want to get sober if it feels good, but in order to get better, we must rise above our pathological preoccupation to the more banal and primitive pleasures of the flesh, the senses and the nervous system.

     So beware of carrying the preoccupation with comfort into recovery. Beware of carrying the deep-seated narcissism into recovery. Beware of continuing to hold the outside world responsible for how we feel and for what happens in our lives. This is why grown children etc whine, rant, become enraged, violent, filled with hatred, protest in the streets, declare anyone who disagrees with them evil, and want exams cancelled due to the stress “caused” by elections etc (lmfao) – all because of their feelings (not facts) – feelings of course that are born and caused within. It’s not the world that is their problem. It is themselves – their self-hatred, their entitlement, their immaturity, their ignorance, their indoctrination and deranged ideology, their whining and complaining, their self-caused depression, their mental illness and their spiritual destitution. Sorry, but it’s true. It’s all projection. The hatred, the accusations, the intolerance, the ignorance – it is all owned and perpetrated by the accuser him or herself. Those who scream for tolerance are perhaps the most intolerant of them all, as it only applies to those who agree with them about everything, even if they are dead wrong. You see often see this in narcissists and the insane. I’m right about everything (even if I don’t really know what the hell I’m talking about) and if you disagree, you must be evil, you must be stopped, you must be attacked, you perhaps even must be killed. Gee, such tolerance and love.

     The solution of spiritual action and putting God first does not guarantee we will never suffer. It’s not supposed to. What it guarantees is that that drugs and alcohol won’t ever be a problem again. Why? Because it restores our conscience and keeps our selfishness in check, thereby keeping us close to the Lord. If our conscience burns inside, we will refuse to use because we now care too much about the consequences of our actions – of wrong action. We cannot have success by carrying our selfishness into sobriety and continuing to demand the preservation of our comfort zone 24/7. But if we submit to the will of God and trust He won’t bring us anything that we cannot handle and endure, we can and will remain free until we draw our last breath.

     And trust me, despite all the constant whining and utter nonsense you hear today, we humans can endure a great deal.

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  1. Charlie, thank you for sharing. I heard about loving God before I read this article in your blog. Once it was described in a biography of one nun who loved God more than she loved her boyfriend, so she became a nun instead of becoming the man's wife. Another time it was in the science-fiction story \”Hell Is the Absence of God\” – the most extraordinary description of the sense of happiness that comes when one loves God without expecting anything in return from Him, the unconditional love of God. In my experience in AA my obsession was not replaced by the experience of love towards God or by feeling of loving Him. Obsession was replaced by the experience of knowing Him. In the earlier editions of AA book there was a story titled \”He Who Loses His Life\”, currently published by AAWS in a volume \”Eperience, Strength and Hope. Stories from the First Three Editions of Alcoholics Anonymous\”, 2003. It that story of his recovery Bob tells us \”I hope I have been able to impart to you, the reader, at least a bit of what I know: the joy of living, the irresistible power of divine love and its healing strength…\” That is what my alcoholism/addictions were replaced with: with the knowledge of divine love and its healing strength. I wouldn't even know where to begin to follow your example: how to Love God, to replace obsessive love for drugs and alcohol with love for God. Mostly because I was atheist/agnostic before I took Steps, and after I took them there was no need for loving Him. For there was an experience of being one with Him. When I did the steps, my spiritual awakening and the following spiritual life gave me not 'loving Him' as someone separate from myself, they gave me the knowledge of Him and of His divine love. That is only to say that God works in many ways and all our stories of recovery are very valuable. Thank you for yours.

  2. i really am so appreciative of your blog and your blunt honesty. i finally had to divorce alcoholic husband of 30 years, 4 kids. he was fired and didnt want to work anymore. he smelled like death. as if he was rotting from the inside one of my girls said.he could barley walk and see anymore due to alcoholic damage to eyes and neuropathy. he would urinate everywhere and in front of us too and then look at us as if we were crazy. he would wiped his feces on the wall. he would kept the car key in his mouth so we couldnt hide it on him. he drank away $250K and left us penniless. he even stole money from his children that they worked so hard to earn.the house foreclosed. my kids and i live in apts. i am not sure where he is as once he tried to choke me resulted in a restraining order. he told everyone how evil i was and his daughters werer . that we beat him, starved him, stole from him. my own family took his side against me and my daughters…their own sister and nieces, that was the last straw for my family. i not only cut off the drunk but all his minions as well and life has never been better.

  3. I learned about the higher power many years ago in AA when it still had an emphasis on that. Now, at some meetings, I find books and literature have been re-written to remove \”monotheistic\” references to God because it offends people. I wonder if this is why there is such a high rate of addictions now. If you take God out of the program, and substitute it with your own trendy politics you offer nothing to the sick, suffering, and dyeing. I'm sorry to see this state of affairs. I'm grieved by it.

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