"We Live In a Fallen World, It Can’t Be Done Alone…"


     If you don’t mind some feedback… the self care you describe involves you alone. But I’m not sure that’s enough to fill up the tank, so to speak. Not sure if you are Christian, but if you are I suggest you get involved in a bible study group or other church group. We live in a fallen world, the church is the body of Christ where we can renew ourselves and each other. It really can’t be done well alone. Growing in Christ is at times a perilous journey. Picture a Thomsons Gazelle wandering the Serengeti alone. Can you also picture predator eyes tracking every movement of that gazelle. Those of us on the spiritual journey, very much need each other. 


     Not only do I not mind the feedback, I am truly grateful. I agree with what you say wholeheartedly, and it was beautifully said. I am Christian, though not always a very good one. This is not a coincidence, as two days before you wrote, I was looking up small groups at a local church. I’ll look them up again and make it happen. We are indeed social creatures, but more importantly, need each other especially now in this world where up is down, right is wrong, left is right, and light is dark. I can’t quite understand what is happening, as it appears to be some kind of collective brainwashing, but I suspect that I’ll find solace in the company of others who seek the truth. Thank you. 
     I’ve also thought about starting up a church group for individuals and/or families struggling with addiction. Moreover, I want to find some time to write another book or two – one that breaks down why addiction is no fault whatsoever of the parents/spouses of addicts. This would be an effort solely to alleviate them of guilt or false self-blame for the addiction of another. The second book (further down the road) would describe my experience post-five and ten years sober, which has been markedly different from the first five.

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  1. I love the comparison of Service versus Selfishness…. that is something I need to work on myself. I also need to learn to pray UN-selfishly like you suggested… Thank you!

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