How to Cripple an Addict (Edited)

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -Neale Donald Walsch

     There is a solution… it’s just that most addicts don’t want to do any work, and there is no solution without work. Sadly, as a society, we are becoming programmed to reward and even glorify failure and dependency while demonizing hard work, success, independence and free thought/speech.


      When you ply an addict with more drugs, when you validate an addict in therapy, and when you subsidize an addict with government programs (aka the money you work so hard for), you are essentially telling them that they are too weak, sick and stupid to truly get better and recover, and to make things worse, you are doing it under the guise of compassion, under the guise of science and the disease model.

     This is of course the very idiocy and lie of the nanny/welfare state – sold as compassion and self-empowerment, yet in truth it condemns, dis-empowers, disenfranchises, dis-incentivizes and enslaves. It is also theft, and generally exists to buy votes and exert greater state control. If someone came to me for a fish, I wouldn’t give him one only to see him return the next day with his hands out. I would teach him how to fish so he can feed himself and free himself from the slavery of dependency. He could then feel proud and worthy as opposed to helpless and ashamed. This kind of help is true help, and while it would sustain him, it would also restore his own dignity. 

     What you must understand is that this new “compassionate” approach only further cripples addicts and relegates them as weak, diseased failures. So while some think that this blog is harsh or negative or unproductive, you’ve got it all backwards. Honesty and service restore a man’s soul and give him real strength. What you think is strengthening and helping addicts/alcoholics is in fact doing quite the opposite. As Ayn Rand said, “you can ignore the truth, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring the truth.”

     This new age thinking on addiction is really just a microcosm of an entire shift in our culture, and a dangerous one at that. As a society, we are shifting from a free, prosperous and democratic republic to more of a socialist-collectivist, 5th column monster that seeks to limit freedom, limit wealth, and convince you that the never-ending expansion of government has any purpose beyond government officials and employees retaining power at all costs and stuffing their pockets with as much of your money as humanly possible.

     The worst propaganda is that which convinces you that freedom and prosperity are evil while control, impoverishment, unemployment, debt and more government are good. If you think about it, it’s very clever. Rally everyone around a host of supposedly “righteous” causes when in reality what you are doing is screwing the living shit out of them. Sadly, the masses are often blind and gullible sheep that will do anything and believe anything. Most people will let you shear them on a daily basis and even thank you for it in the name of some fraudulent cause. Problem, Reaction, Solution. Works every time. 

     At any rate, the common thinking out there is that addicts and alcoholics are doomed. The best anyone can hope for is to get us off of our drug of choice and desperately substitute it with methadone, suboxone, vivitrol, naltrexone, seroquel, and perhaps some basket of psychotropics… and let’s give them a bag of weed, too, because that’s not really a drug and it’s, like, the healing of the nations bro. Let’s also do some therapy and role play so we can whine about mommy and daddy and fabricate some reasons (otherwise know as excuses), and then follow it all up with some quack science just to make sure we can abscond ourselves from any and all responsibility whatsoever. The idea is to blame anything but ourselves.

     You see, when we as addicts do this, and when the status quo now promotes the notion that our destructive behavior, personal failure and “incomprehensible demoralization” is nothing more than an involuntary symptom of a blameless disease, then yes, we are doomed. When you tell addicts and alcoholics that it’s not their fault, when you put your arms around them and validate their present construction of self, when you appease them with more mind-numbing drugs after telling them they are basically too weak to truly recover, you are indeed dooming them.

     Even though it is sold and made to sound in the exact opposite way, the current thinking on addiction doesn’t give addicts and alcoholics any credit, nor does it assume we can ever develop or reclaim our character or personal strength. Bullshit. Each and every one of us can recover completely and never think about drugs and alcohol ever again, but we have now brainwashed mainstream addiction & recovery from understanding the true nature of addiction and we have ripped the spiritual teeth right out of recovery.

     So yes, we are doomed, but that is because the establishment has managed to convince us that we are incapable and somehow justified in using, drinking, lying, stealing and living lives based on pathological self-absorption and the compulsion to seek comfort and dopamine 24/7. The addiction activist types fall for it and scream about this nonsense on their blogs. There is no constitutional and organic need for opiates, nor any brain disease that causes us to become addicts. Addiction is but a temporary state of ‘acquired’ powerlessness until the addict finds some guts and faces life. Sure we may respond differently to drugs and alcohol than a sane person, but that is irrelevant if we simply do the work and regain our willpower.

     And by the way, becoming physically dependent on something isn’t novel to addicts and alcoholics. Anybody in the world can become physically dependent on a substance.

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