Damaged Person Glass Analogy

Yeah that goes for potheads, too.

     Just heard this on the radio and thought it was clever:

     Take a person and see them as a piece of pristine glass.

     Some of us are smudged, some of us are cracked, and some of us are shattered.

     Great analogy, to say the least. Let’s elaborate a bit for fun.

     Smudges are easily manageable. Cracks can also be undone with some effort. But if we are shattered, there is virtually no hope, barring divine intervention.

     I assume the majority of addicts are simply cracked whereas, say, a true narcissist or sociopath is perhaps shattered beyond repair.

     Are you is someone you know smudged, cracked, or shattered? Trick question, as the shattered individual will not admit he or she is shattered. Have you ever seen a narcissist admit they are a narcissist?


God, help me to pray for those who are shattered, those who hurt others with no remorse…

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