God Brass


    If alcoholics and addicts have the capacity to be honest with themselves, they have the seed of God within. And because a seed that is nourished can grow forever, there is no limit to our spiritual growth. There is no limit to how deeply we can change and heal and thrive and give back. We must simply find the willingness to turn our inner seed into a fountain of strength.

     For willingness, we pray. Two of my favorites are ‘God, make me a better man today‘ & ‘God, bring the opportunity to help someone.’ I haven’t the faintest idea if the first one ever comes true. But the second one always does. There are always people to help.

     I’d like to think that the seed of God is in all of us. Someone I know once likened this seed to a ball of brass. Perhaps it is dull, worn, small and has lost its glow. Yet when we polish it and shed the layers of resentment, fear, selfishness and dishonesty, gradually it becomes brighter and brighter. It begins to grow larger and eventually it glows once again. Our conscience expands, and we become acutely aware of what is right and what is wrong. 

     So my job is to make sure I continue to polish my God Brass on a regular basis so that it never becomes dull or loses its shine, for with the withering of our conscience comes the destruction of the soul and all that is good.

God, help me to grow spiritually, that my God Brass may shine within…

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