Ways of Telling if Your Addict Is Recovered.

Instead of running away from life’s challenges, they run right into them.

Responds to the needs of others.
Eager to do service.
Eager to grow spiritually.
Puts their relationship with God above all else.
Doesn’t mind working hard.

Doesn’t mind working period.

Doesn’t mind being responsible.
Doesn’t mind taking care of themselves. 
Wants others to get better.
Can walk through strong and uncomfortable feelings.
No longer avoids life.
No longer avoids pain.

No longer avoids others.

Can suffer and has no thoughts to self-destruct.
Can lose a loved one and has no urge to drink or use, nor uses someone’s death or other adversity as an excuse of any kind.
Steps up and takes care of their family.
Makes amends to creditors and stays out of debt.

Learns how to conduct themselves financially.

Doesn’t behave immorally in other aspects of life – lying, stealing, adultery, envy, greed, etc.

Doesn’t want everything for free. 

Has a glow to them.
Has a quiet confidence.
Can look you and the rest of the world in the eye.
Is no longer ashamed.
Is no longer fearful and fear-driven.

Continues to get stronger, even when they are vulnerable or suffering.

Is able to accomplish more and more as time goes on.

Willing to try new things.

Willing to remove that which doesn’t serve their inner or outer health and well-being. 

Willing to go to any lengths to get better and stay better. 
Triggers don’t exist anymore, and even though triggers don’t exist anyway, they no longer perceive anything to be a trigger nor do they whine or complain about any so-called trigger.

They no longer demand that the world and others change to suit them. 

They are content and at peace.
You can just tell they are okay. 

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