Suboxone = Product of the Nanny State

     There has been a recent uptick in the clamoring for subsidized Suboxone treatment. First let’s properly interpret that:

     People who probably don’t pay taxes (like addicts) or who are just misguided and for some reason love big government and spending other people’s money and/or who also believe that we are victims of a disease that we inherited or suddenly caught in the air somehow, are demanding that even more money be involuntarily taken from others by the government and redistributed to addicts in the form of “free” Suboxone, even though virtually all Suboxone prescriptions are already subsidized by you, the American taxpayer – the few people still left working responsibly in the private sector and choosing not to get jammed out of their freaking minds on heroin, the few people who understand that more government spending solves nothing, the few people who understand that more opiates, let alone free opiates, solves nothing, the few people who understand that we shouldn’t be subsidizing the effects of an addict’s selfishness.

     I’m still at a loss to understand how heroin users are victims and how their self-inflicted plight should be “nannied” by taxpayers in the form of free opiates. Trust me, Reckitt Benckiser is absolutely ecstatic at the billions pouring in, and knows it will only continue pouring in if nobody ever gets better. The government is perhaps even more ejaculatory over the development and acceptance of Suboxone and Methadone as it can tighten its noose of dependency over the masses. I’m also at a loss to understand how so many people think that more government can solve anything when government by its nature creates problems and because of the self-interest of career politicians has always failed to solve them. Remember that every interest has a lobbyist and a corresponding elected prostitute in Washington except us, the people.

     This is a two-fold travesty, to put it lightly.

     For one, Methadone and Suboxone are, chemically speaking, both opiates, so for those on whom reality is lost, the idea that you can treat an opiate addiction with more opiates is ridiculous. More opiates do not remedy an opiate problem just like more debt does not remedy a debt problem. Furthermore, Naltrexone is also added to Suboxone. If you think that is helpful, you do not understand pharmaceutical companies. Its purpose is simply to keep Suboxone users on Suboxone and nothing else. “Here you go, kiddos, here’s a free, new brand of dope, but you’ll be sick if you try your own brand, so you have to use our brand only. If you think they care about drug addicts, well, they don’t. Neither does the government. The government loves drug addicts. They are using us (which is, of course, our own fault for letting them) and leveraging the heartache of our loved ones.

     Suboxone has been deemed a miracle drug, which is an oxymoron, to say the least. Miracles only occur in the absence of drugs, not as a function of their presence. Many addicts and their families fall for the commonly peddled narrative that Suboxone and other substitution drugs will save your addict. Not only is this patently false, but there is no argument or case, whether scientific or spiritual, that can validate this absurd idea. When I press those to provide any fact or logical argument to justify substitution drugs, the last two left in the chamber are usually, “Well, at least they’re not buying it on the street” and “Suboxone and Methadone give them time to have therapy and treatment.”

     Let’s take the first argument.

     A) Does it really matter what brand of heroin you take, the dealer’s or Reckitt Benckiser’s (aka the government’s by proxy)? You’re still a 100% junkbox. At least on the street, you have to pay for your own drugs, whereas the last precedent you want to set for any addict (or person for that matter) is that they are entitled to drugs or anything else for free. Why does the world owe us addicts anything? The world owes us nothing. This is the exactly the kind of spoiled mindset and lack of personal responsibility that must be vanquished if the addict has any hope in growing up and effecting real and lasting change.

     Free is not reality. Nothing is actually free, and thus free is not a “right.” Anything given to you for “free” was taken from somebody else. Sorry, but that is a fact. We are now brainwashing people to despise anyone with more. What happened to “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods?” So we are instilling in addicts that taking things from others is just and moral simply because addicts don’t have them and others do? Lol, I thought we were supposed to teach addicts that stealing was wrong and they should probably stop doing it. The truth is that what is moral and just is quite the opposite. Martin Armstrong correctly points out that, religiosity aside, the ancient wisdom and universal principles of morality contained in the Ten Commandments indeed forbids socialism as the “creed of the thief, and yet is the cornerstone of the left.” Hard to believe that so many “educated” people who preach this stuff are so ignorant to the brutal consequences of such a depraved and corrupt system.

     B) When you give an addict opiates for “free,” you are engaging in control and manipulation. A drugged and dependent society is by far the easiest to control. Similarly, you hear calls now by communist tech giants and other globalist lunatics for universal income. This is extremely dangerous. Those who the State can make fully dependent are essentially enslaved, which is ironic coming from the so-called party of love and compassion. Dependent and drugged populations can be stripped of all individual rights, let alone dignity, and forced to adopt the will of their masters. This Orwellian, progressive nightmare is cloaked in and sold as fairness etc., which is indeed very clever as the truth is quite the opposite. Mark my words, the utopia everyone is clamoring for will indeed become hell on Earth. The indoctrination of our children in our schools and universities is especially sad and disturbing to see. Please speak up if you are a parent, and please teach your children the truth so their future does not soon devolve into a totalitarian nightmare.

     The second argument is comical. What addict who is high as shit and plied on Suboxone is going to engage in rigorous self-work, let alone consistent right action? What addict on Suboxone or Methadone has the ability to think straight, to reach any depth of honesty, to see things for what they are? That’s right, none. Addicts cannot earnestly engage in therapy or treatment while their minds are still broken and delusional. Change can only begin once the body of an addict is completely sober and the fog has worn off… and even then, it takes much more than the therapy couch and some tissues to pierce through layer upon layer of bullshit that the addict has bought, fed and wrapped themselves in so tightly.

     Even once we achieve physical sobriety (which is both a requirement and a responsibility), often it is only another addict who can gain the trust of someone in early recovery. Addicts do not listen to therapists. Addicts do not listen to social workers. Addicts do not listen to parents, spouses, relatives or friends. Addicts listen to other addicts – to people who have lived, used and felt as they have… and since employed a solution that actually works, a solution that heals the soul, a solution that changes the entire mind, attitude, understanding, direction, purpose and life of an individual. The addict who recovers is one who sees his addiction and the consequences of his addiction for what it is. The addict who recovers is not one who sees himself as a victim, but rather as a man (or woman) who is solely responsible for his past and for his new future.

     The second part of this travesty is, as already noted, the cultural shift away from individual rights, personal responsibility and destiny. To fund further opiate use in the form of Suboxone by taking money from taxpayers reaches a degree of immorality that sort of makes me nauseous (this gut feeling is how we know when this and other atrocities that we fund with public money are wrong). We are falling hook, line and sinker for the oncoming tyranny and progressive authoritarianism simply because of the way it is presented – soft and slow. A dependent society is one that has lost not only its soul but control of its destiny. The more power we give away, the less individual power we will have to live freely. This seems so basic and yet so many are drinking the Kool Aid without hesitation. It amazes me the sheer degree of propaganda today and the vast array of delivery methods, from mass media to the entire educational system and on and on…

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