Copyright Infringement

     I never really cared or bothered to check, but a few simple, targeted searches revealed my stuff plagiarized quite a bit. Entire pieces were copied and pasted with false attribution or none at all. I also found many quotes literally copied into another graphic with someone else’s name at the bottom. LOL. While I guess it is somewhat flattering, it is also something I wouldn’t dream of doing myself.

     Yes, this is at best a shabby attempt at community service and yes, all I really care about is that it’s out there and useful to people, but how about we give it proper attribution? You don’t even have to use my name – you can just say this is from The Privileged Addict or whatever.

     So if I may, all of my blog pieces, books and quotes are copyrighted. The Library of Congress is a real place and there can be real consequences. I certainly don’t have the time or the will to pursue copyright infringement, and like I said, I don’t particularly care all that much, but whoever you are really pissed off my kid. 😎

We will get you…

3 thoughts on “Copyright Infringement

  1. In my case,I linked the source which is your site for as many people can see and learn.If this is not right,I will delete right away.\” So addiction isn't my fundamental problem. The problem is spiritual. To less abstract, it's a life problem. Addicts refuse to live life on life's terms. They refuse to grow up and walk through pain that everybody feels. They feel entitled to remain their comfort zones even if doing so comes at the expense of others. They refuse to do things that push them outside of themselves. And so if my illness is spiritual in nature, then so must be my solution.\”The Privileged AddictPage 100Charles A Peabody

  2. Oh my goodness, Hae, you are like my favorite person. You’re site, work and creative/spiritual efforts are beautiful. You have been an incredible support and inspiration to me, and I’m honored to see the link and quote on your site. I found stuff on FB and Tx center sites and fake book sites. God bless you, Hae, and don’t even think about deleting anything, ever. 😉

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