Desperation Follow Up

     I should follow up that desperation is certainly no requirement to growing up and it will undoubtedly necessitate a prolonged period of selfishness, much to the dismay and heart-wrenching pain of our loved ones. Desperation is a last resort.

     Let’s face it, addicts shouldn’t be given the “gift” of desperation, let alone any other gifts such as a trophy for “clean” time. Why is that, Charlie, you asshole? Because we never should have become addicts to begin with. Why should anyone be rewarded just because he or she (sorry, I only use two pronouns, you know, biology and all… but no offense to any gender-fluid, snowflake mellenials out there who are offended by literally everything, even themselves! lol) stopped doing the wrong thing? Plus, if we receive God’s grace, which we don’t deserve, it should humble us, not drive us towards yet even more recognition and attention.

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