Cult of Potheads & CBD Nutbags = Delusional Narcissists

     Pot is a religion, a secular one of course, as opposed to a spiritual one, as there is nothing spiritual about ripping bong hits, eating pot gummy worms or claiming CBD oil makes you a more “spiritual” person or a better parent. When someone says they’re “really spiritual,” um, well, just run the other way. So if you are a parent or a spouse of a pothead, don’t kid yourself. You have an addicted child on your hands, and trust me, he or she will be just as selfish and annoying as any other drug addict.

     Pot is, of course, like any other drug or mood-altering substance. The action of pot works on the reward system of the brain just as alcohol, heroin or cocaine. The negative effects of pot use are extensive and far-reaching. In fact, even liberal gulags such as Harvard University screwed their heads on straight momentarily to publish studies as to the deleterious effects of pot use on the brain, such as (Article on Harvard Study). Instead of repeating myself, read the “Pot” post for some of the more acute effects to the brains of potheads.

     None of this is to even speak of the rather dire emotional and spiritual damage we are doing. How comical (well, sad really) it is when a pothead says something as asinine as, “pot makes me spiritual.” Smoking pot is the opposite of spiritual, as the spiritual life is little more than facing reality and living a pure human life, free of drugs, alcohol and distraction. It is a life based upon the principle of personal responsibility. It is a sober life based on honesty, courage, strength, service, faith, right action and other-centeredness. It is a willingness and a maturity not to avoid human pain, feelings, suffering and all of their attendant challenges. By smoking pot, we literally eliminate spirituality. It is therefore impossible to live a spiritual life using pot or any other drug.

     But the above assertion isn’t perhaps as asinine or stomach turning as this one from some popular mommy blog: “Using CBD oil makes me a better mom.” Yup, nope, not kidding. Many such delusional comments and notions are now commonplace among the CBD pumpers. First of all, wtf. You should see the selfie that accompanies the article this particular comment was pulled from on the mommy site – the woman looks completely insane. But yes, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people actually believe this and are using some form of Cannabis to parent their children. And just like any other drug-addicted, alcoholic, or insane parent out there, this is a form of child abuse. This quote was followed by something like, “I wake up and don’t naturally feel like playing with my child, but after a hit of CBD oil, I can play with her!” Impressive. There is nothing “natural” about a phony, drug-induced desire to play with your child.

     Here’s another gem. “Ya know when you just wake up and feel blah? Like you’re just not feelin’ it? Like, ya know, like, a little tired, maybe a little down or anxious or whatever???” Um, yeah, you mean when you wake up feeling like a human? Yes I’m aware of this feeling because this is what it feels like to be a human being. You are no different from anybody else, except that others are not trying to rationalize using pot as a child tries to rationalize eating Skittles before bed, arguing that it will help them calm down and prime their brain chemistry for sleep.

     Also, please don’t tell me that cbd is not psychoactive and therefore does not get you high, blah, blah, blah… Trust me, anyone who pumps cbd oil like it was sent from Heaven is also a pot smoker who loves pot. Second, CBD, like THC, still acts on multiple neurotransmitters (Cb1 and Cb2) and acts as a sertonin 5-HT receptor partial agonist. In other words, it activates serotonin, or if competing with a 5-HT agonist, serotonin output is reduced. Therefore, it is essentially a drug that can either make you less depressed or more depressed, that is, if you’re ingesting a salad bar of other psychotropics, which is probable amongst this crowd. Other side effects of CBD include sleepiness, decreased appetite, diarrhea, fatigue, malaise, weakness, sleep disturbances and others (See wikipedia summary for general cbd pharmacology etc).

      The drug action of THC is indeed psychoactive and directly works on the dopaminergic system of the brain. Any psychoactive substance that increases the release of dopamine will cause withdrawal in its absence, as the brain, needless to say, adjusts to any increase and achieves an altered homeostasis, if you will. Once removed, guess what happens? Does the pothead just relax back into normalcy? Nope. They crash, and now organic levels of dopamine feel borderline suicidal. The pothead without pot experiences restlessness, irritability and boredom as does any alcoholic or drug addict, let alone anger, depression, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, melancholy, dread, slothfulness, spiritual angst, emptiness, destitution, emotional instability, dissatisfaction and even rage. Potheads in withdrawal often become enraged and verbally abusive.

     So there is no “I’m completely sober, I just rip bong hits of organic indoor and eat pot gummy worms yo.” Ridiculous. Look, you can tell yourself that your child or your spouse is fine because he or she just smokes pot now. You can tell yourself that you are fine because your clueless doctor said it was okay. You can tell yourself anything you want in order to rationalize, justify and validate your pot use. Despite what cultish beliefs you have fallen prey to, it doesn’t change the truth: pot is a drug. Pot causes brain damage. Pot damages me emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Pot makes me lazy and destroys my potential.

     One reason for this is that potheads, being delusional, believe that they are doing well in life, blind to how much more they could achieve were they sober. The truth is that pot use breeds all manner of character flaws, including indifference, carelessness, thoughtlessness, pathological self-absorption, dishonesty, lack of self-awareness and an inability to be truly present, to truly love, and yes, to truly parent. Smoking pot breeds immaturity, purposelessness and uselessness. And please spare me the dual-diagnosis BS. It is not the depression or chemical imbalance that is causing the lack of recovery; it is the lack of recovery that is causing the chemical imbalance.

     But go ahead, it’s legal now so no worries. Do whatever you want. That is the lovely thing about freedom (which is God-given btw, not government-given). You can do, think and say stupid shit. Cherish it before the herd of angry, intolerant, progressive tyrants rip it from our very souls. I believe in freedom and I believe others have a God-given right to be as dumb as a brick. Fortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that using alcohol, drugs, and yup, weed bro, is wrong.

     Finally, none of this particular analysis encompasses the very infantile and self-absorbed worldview of your average pothead, similar to the typical millenial. I’m sure I don’t need to state the obvious that these people are total narcissists and are perhaps the least “spiritual” people on Earth.

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