Removing Morality from Addiction Is Both Ignorant and Dangerous

     Above are memes that a buddy of mine posted on FB and they reflect the complete idiocy of states run by the left, including my home state of Massachusetts, which increasingly loses its mind as it continues to be run/ruined by political whores and thieves. They also reflect the fact that we now have to create humorous memes to get the truth out there since all the media puppets do now is lie and spread propaganda. Sad that our ceaseless decline into a culture of depravity has even infected something as serious as addiction. If there is one group that absolutely must take responsibility for their behavior, it is drug addicts and alcoholics. For one, there is no hope of recovery if they do not. Second, the ignorant notion that we are blameless victims reflects the same sick frame of mind that both perpetuates our mental/spiritual sickness as well as prevents us from becoming sane again. In order to validate the whole “I have a disease and it is not a choice and I did not choose to relapse and I was triggered by this or that and blah, blah, blah…” bullshit, we must at the same time remove any moral component. If nothing is our fault, then there is nothing immoral about it. As well, since I can simply justify and rationalize my continuous misery and relapse with the progressive disease model, I never have to get better. How convenient.

     The problem with the disease model is people like me. I was completely out of control and used heroin, cocaine, alcohol and countless other drugs everyday of my life like a selfish fucking pig from age 13 to 28, but accordingly to these arrogant know-it-alls, I am not an addict. In other words, if I have no choice then how did I get better? Furthermore, how is it that I do not struggle? How is it that I am not “triggered” by anything at all? And how is it that I do not, nor did I, take any sort of lab concoction to get better?

     More importantly, why did repairing myself morally make me sane again, which then removed any thoughts or desires to use drugs and alcohol? Why did I suddenly reject drugs and alcohol because I wanted to change and grow spiritually? The truth is that drugs and alcohol destroy an individual’s conscience and moral compass. Drugs and alcohol push us away from God. So logically, repairing myself spiritually and morally pushes me further away from drugs and alcohol. Why do we deny this? I don’t get it. And why do these progressive tyrants become so unhinged and triggered by the words “choice,” “morals” and “God?” These words and those who disagree with their so-called science send them into an all-out rage. You have to wonder why they become so reactive. If they are so certain about their beliefs, there would be no need to react, let alone preach, especially with such vitriol.

     So allow me to illuminate a few things to all of the faux intellectuals out there who like to tell others what the truth is despite having ZERO experience. These are the same people who want to tell me what’s best for my child but do not have any children themselves. This must be some sort of mental or personality disorder. These are the same assholes who preach tolerance but are vehemently intolerant of anyone who disagrees. The best way to disguise one’s own depravity is to accuse others of exactly the same things you yourself are guilty of. So when you hear some lunatic screaming all sorts of obscenities and insults at you, just remember they are shouting at a mirror.

     Forgive me, back to the truth about morality and addiction. For one thing, if I achieve sobriety and work on myself and begin to learn and understand the effects/consequences of my behavior and the tremendous damage and harm I have done to others, how is drinking or using again NOT a moral failure? Well, um, it is. In fact, the reason it is so crucial for an addict to develop and cherish his or her moral compass is because that will be the best defense they have against using drugs or drinking alcohol ever again. The minute I stop caring about consequences is the minute I get sick again… and when we stop caring about consequences, what else is that except for a moral failure? How does anyone in their right mind not see this? You cannot maintain a state of recovery without a conscience that is alive and well within. That is the truth, whether you like it or not. If you can do the wrong thing and not give a shit about hurting others and somehow stay sober, then you’re a sociopath or a psychopath, and in that case, you’ve got bigger fish to fry than alcoholism.

     And as far as becoming an addict, no, I am not a victim of addiction. In fact, I am not a victim of anything. Addicts and alcoholics are not victims. I mutated myself into one after selfishly drinking and using again and again and again and again. Voluntarily turning oneself into an addict is a moral failure. Drinking and using repeatedly until you cross that line, break your body and become an alcoholic/addict is a moral failure. Drinking and using excessively even if you are not addicted is a moral failure. Continuing to remain an addict and failing to look for a solution to stop hurting others and to stop killing yourself is a moral failure. Being presented with a solution and failing to employ it is a moral failure. Acquiring a solution and getting better and then relapsing is a moral failure. Regaining your willpower (i.e. increasing your power of choice) and regaining one’s moral compass and then using again is a moral failure. Using or doing anything once I’ve lost control of it is a moral failure. Doing anything that causes pain or harm to self or others is a moral failure.

     There is just no getting around any of that.

God, please help us…

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