Does Science Really Have Anything to Do with What Ails Us, Let Alone What Cures Us?


Charlie- Your story is just that — your story. I am 2 1/2 years sober and I do not struggle, I do not live day-to-day. I have my story and my experience. When I look back, I have to agree with the person that commented on your blog. For people struggling, and there’s more during the pandemic and its effects, I don’t think they should reject the “disease model” and embrace their selfishness simply based on your experience. There is a lot of work behind the disease-based addiction model and I found it meshed remarkably well with my experiences. I felt compelled to reply, which I seldom if ever do, because I think you may be unintentionally doing others a disservice and may dissuade them from getting the help from a science-based, medically supervised rehabilitation program that they may need to be successful in their story of addiction. Dave


     I personally have never seen anyone become recovered by clinically addressing the so-called science of addiction with methods such as substitution drugs, relapse prevention or harm reduction, all while neglecting what lies underneath. Our problem is really not drugs and alcohol and whatever temporary bio-chemical changes that may ensue, as these elements are a mere side-show. Look deeply and you may discover that substances and substance use are byproducts or symptoms of an underlying soul sickness. They are a false solution to our true problem – Life. We don’t suffer from drug and alcohol use but from a spiritual/emotional malady that effects how we respond to nearly every aspect of life. Of course, part of this is simply the human condition, so we addicts are neither unique or special, nor do we deserve some sort of trophy or pat on the back for ceasing to do what we never should have done to begin with. All human beings suffer, but we are just a special kind of cowardice and obstinacy.

     I might also check with your parents, spouse, children and loved ones and ask them if they agree that you should be rejecting the cause/condition/presence of selfishness. I reckon you will benefit longer-term by what they might have to say. I would also read the Big Book, ‘We Agnostics,’ ‘How it Works’ and ‘Into Action’ etc. and if that does not resonate with your experience than you are most likely not an addict or an alcoholic to begin with. If you can stop and get better on a non-spiritual basis then addiction isn’t your problem. 

     To simply run one’s life on self-will is selfish. No one is saying that is necessarily evil, but for the addict or the alcoholic, it does not work. We will fail each and every time. When we do not stop and ask God to guide us before rushing out in the morning, the rest of the day is, generally speaking, a complete disaster. Why is that? Knowing the answer to that question and what to do about it is the most important thing in the life of an addict. It is the very crux of our problem – self-will. Why? Because we are not okay. We are maladaptive. There is no neutral position for us. We are are either moving forward and getting better or moving backwards and becoming sick again. We cannot simply float by. Floating is sinking.

     Try asking God to direct you throughout the day. “But Charlie, that’s nonsense, why would I do such a thing? God has nothing to do with it. I don’t even believe in God!” Because regardless of my story or your story, He knows better than me and He knows better than you. Do me a favor and write me back in another couple of years and let me know how it’s going with the medically-assisted program and the removal of personal responsibility via the disease model. I’m assuming by medically-assisted you mean Suboxone or perhaps other psychotropics under another false guise of  ‘dual-diagnosis,’ which, by the way, is also convenient propaganda for the pharmaceutical industry et al.  

     Regardless, Thanks for reaching out. I appreciate you reading and commenting.  

5 thoughts on “Does Science Really Have Anything to Do with What Ails Us, Let Alone What Cures Us?

  1. I absolutely love this page. It is a lifeline. I wish more people were as transparent. You are not a disservice to people at all. I will say it again, the selfishness of addicts is beyond belief. They make everyone around them wish they were in another world…one without them in it.

  2. Charlie, I saw a link to your blog on a list of addition related information so I stopped by again and noticed you responded to my comment. I think you misunderstand – I did not post my original reply because I was trying to convince you of my views on addiction. I'm only suggesting you inject a little humility into your approach. I read through your reply and it comes across a little heavy handed, IMO. As I have gotten older, now in my late 50s, I have grown to be cautious of absolutes. I am a physical scientist by training and even the laws of physics are qualified (e.g. quantum mechanics). If you need to ask \”God\” to manage your day, that's fine, but not all of us do. And yes, we can still be successful most days. Really! The characterization of mental illness diagnoses as \”convenient propaganda\” sounds like conspiracy thinking to me. Don't we have too much of that in society right now? By rejecting dissenting views, especially without objective evidence, you come across as intolerant. If I run across your blog down the road I will provide you an update and if it is evident that what I've said is out to lunch I will let you know that, too. In the meantime, I hope both of us are successful in our recoveries and that we can both help others navigate the challenges of addiction. Dave

  3. Charlie, I have never been an addict but was married to one for 29 years. I eventually left because the selfishness the addict knew no bounds. From my perspective, you are spot on. Ty.

  4. Dave, I think it's awesome if you or anybody else has found something that works, something powerful enough to replace the addiction with. Needless to say, it is always important to define, \”works.\” And anybody can have any view they want. That is what we cherish in this country and I agree that freedom of speech and many of our other God-given freedoms are at risk by an all-out mob of deranged socialist liberals that seek to hurt people, especially those who disagree. My view is simply that selfishness cannot be separated from addiction.

  5. Suzy, thank you so much for reaching out. Your experience is the truth, which cannot be denied in any way, shape or form intellectually. Experience is knowledge and truth cannot ignored. It is a fundamental part of every human being, regardless of how much he or she may have been corrupted. Again, thank you…

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