Failure to Understand Addiction = Failure to Understand the Solution



Your blog has helped me dramatically as a daughter of an alcoholic. So many people say it’s a disease & that confuses me! That takes the accountability off the person & they are only the victim….hmmm? It is extremely painful to watch the one you love be so destructive & you are powerless to help them…except to walk away & let go & let God, then you have helped them. Because ultimately God is the way to recovery. He sent his son in the world to save us from sin. And that’s what addiction is- sin! Jesus is the way the truth and the life!

I wanted to share this link about alcoholism & the Biblical view~


     Thank you for your words and for sharing this article. I thank the Lord there are some left in this wasteland of insane, anti-freedom, globalist propaganda who can see things for what they are and the world for it is. Any Rand astutely said, “You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”  
     I live in Massachusetts where our criminal lunatic governor, drunk with power, is about to lockdown and raise taxes again, thereby crushing any existing small businesses, jobs, savings, spirit, families, friends, childhoods, traditions, fun, everything. Behold, the brain of a collectivist liberal who is aroused by anything which limits the freedom of others. Truly, there are no words to describe their utter stupidity and ignorance, let alone overt Godlessness. Needless to say, we are suffering an abundance of tyranny, fraud and mass hysteria, as sadly, the media brainwashing program has worked very well here in Mass. I am surrounded by feeble-minded, self-loathing, masked sheep, all acting completely nuts… so much that they are endorsing and engaging in what will go down as one of the greatest crimes against humanity… and especially against children. May God hold accountable all those complicit in ending freedom. Mark my words, compliance is complicity. And any smug, delusional citizens who have the audacity to police, judge, bully, attack and smear those who choose freedom will rest in hell. Any presstitutes who have peddled lies and hysteria will rest in hell. Any politicians, governors, officials, doctors and tech CEOs who have engaged in tyranny and assisted this pre-planned ‘great [communist] reset’ will rot in hell. 
     The above article by Mark Shaw breaks down the fallacy by modern-day, progressive secularists who seem to delight in excusing themselves of all responsibility. They also delight in becoming intolerant of, or even violent towards any person, idea or fact which contradicts, challenges or dissents from their view, regardless of how false or deranged their view may be. This is very similar to the way a child behaves. The unhinged and narcissistic nature of such people suggests that this indeed an acute mental illness. I reckon this lunatic ideology will be added to the DSM one day in the future as we look back at this dark and satanic period of liberal-marxist collectivism. Welcome to communism 3.0. All of you idiot millenials and social justice thugs who got brainwashed in college have no idea what you have been clamoring for… but you will know soon and you well deserve what you will get – totalitarian slavery.
     Anyhow, Shaw correctly defines addiction as a spiritual problem, but as an internal spiritual problem. That is, it debunks the false notion that addiction is some sort of blameless disease that people catch or are born with and thus excuses them of any responsibility. It also debunks the notion of addiction as a quasi-demon, that is, an evil external force or entity that infects the individual and robs them of all voluntary choice and decisions. This also excuses the addict or alcoholic of total responsibility.
     Leave it to the progressive cultural fascists of today to victimize addicts and alcoholics. Go talk to any spouse, parent, son or daughter of a non-recovered alcoholic and addict and they will speak of the utter hell they have endured at the hands of the addict. They will speak to the objective selfishness and thoughtlessness of the alcoholic and addict. They will speak of the utter lack of remorse and moral compass of the alcoholic or addict. They will speak of the abuse they have suffered mentally, emotionally, verbally, physically. They will speak of all the things the addict has stolen from them – time, love, energy, happiness, vitality, spirit, money and on and on and on…
     “Blaming a disease or a demon not only removes responsibility but also hinders the solution from ever being talked about.”
      The above quote by Mark Shaw sums up one of my primary goals of truth on this blog – the spiritual and moral truth about addiction and alcoholism. When we blame anyone or anything outside of ourselves for who and what we have become, we simultaneously blind ourselves from the solution. If the problem comes from without, then our only solution rationalizes and beckons us to try to change or control the world around us… and we will fail every time. Worse yet, we will ply ourselves with substitution drugs and other nonsense such as naltrexone to try to mitigate the symptoms of withdrawal or change the way drugs and alcohol affect us.
     To note, withdrawal and suffering are GOOD for the clinically selfish addict who has indulged in 24/7 comfort at the expense of his very soul and more importantly, of everyone around him. Only when we can honestly define the problem, which is ourselves, can we understand and apply the solution. Only when we understand that our addiction is a spiritual malady that is self-created can we begin to truly change ourselves, grow spiritually/morally, and rid ourselves of the obsession to use drugs and drink alcohol.
      The disease model prevents any addict from true and lasting recovery and change. We are caste with a lifelong, terminal disease, and in the mind of an addict, who wrongly views himself as a victim, he will accept the notion of relapse, thus giving him an excuse to use when he wants. As well, he will also rule out the idea that he can change fundamentally and rid himself of his drug problem.
      The disease model and the idea of addiction as some external force justifies the very delinquent mindset of an addict. This has also spawned hollow treatment models such as avoiding triggers so forth. Triggers do not exist. All that exists is the addict. His or her mind is broken. We are insane and we are spiritually ill. We can choose to get better, that is, to change completely and establish a relationship with God, or we can remain ill. Trust me, it is indeed a choice. If it wasn’t, nobody would ever recover… like me.
      If we want addicts and alcoholics to truly recover, we must stop subscribing to the fake nanny state and all of its lies and excuses.
     Please pray for this country and for the world. Today it seems as though the devil is winning, but we cannot let that happen. We must keep and cherish God and freedom for the future of our children and grandchildren.
     “Let’s make Orwell fiction again.” 


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    • I love your blogs based on true wisdom. We live in South Dakota and are one of the last free states standing. Our governor Kristi Noem is under attack for her stand for personal responsibility and freedom. Life is good here. Please pray for our governor and country. The addict in our life is now absconding from his parole because he takes no personal responsibility for his addiction fueled by his enabling mother. We are free from the evil he has put us through but are still suffering financial consequences of his lack of responsibility. Make no mistake. Addiction is choosing evil over good. God is the only way out. Our addict has denounced that there is a God and is spiraling out of control. Your blog has helped me see the truth to break free from his lies and manipulations. God bless. Prayers to you and everyone standing on truth

  1. This comment by Anonymous was published on the old blog so I’ve taken the liberty of copying it here to the new site:

    My son has been an alcoholic for the past 15 years. The last time he relapsed he had a seizure. We let him stay 6 months then told him to move out and this was the last time we would take him in. He moved in April 2018 and worked a job for two years. He was doing fine but a couple of months go starting spouting how he cussed out his supervisor. Those tiffs went on for a few months and then 2 weeks ago he said he quit because he was accused of drinking. He said they were lying. He wanted to move back in and he got mad when I said no. He then got a new job and had to go out of town. He told me he had a seizure and ended up in the ER in a different city. The whole story just seemed preposterous, that they left him there and he had to take a cab home from another city 100 miles away and I questioned if he was drinking again. He was insulted. Now he says he followed up with a neurologist who said he was okay. He told me since he can’t depend on me he will live with a friend if things get bad. I told him I was glad for him. Wonder how long that will last. I am done with him. He cusses me and calls me names I would never call my mother. He has a horrible temper. I told him to go see a psychologist because he calls me and goes on about how he wants to drink. I enabled him for 15 years, believing his lies and bailing him out. He will be 36 soon and he is on his own. My husband says you can’t believe a word he says. The sick thing is I blame myself for enabling him all those years. I kept thinking if I relieved the stress he wouldn’t drink. His brother says he is on something. He was mad the doctor wouldn’t give him Xanax and he can’t sleep. etc. It will all start again. His incessant calls and coming here for a bed for a night. I think the Dems will make all of this worse. People need jobs to get over addiction, not coddling. I know from experience. The last time my husband ended up in the ER for stress. We are retired but can’t enjoy our golden years because of this. Our other son is married and is not this way.

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