I will get back to addiction after this post, but as I have children whom I love with all of my heart, I can no longer in good conscience remain silent about what is happening to our country and to the world…


Government is the problem, not the solution. 


     Now that we have entered a very dark period of Leftist totalitarianism and “covid” tyranny (an evidenced, pre-planned psy-op carried out by a collection of climate/globalist lunatics & terrorists including Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, George Soros and Klaus Schwab) where all freedoms, privacy and human rights will be lost (let alone all savings and small businesses), where anyone who dares to disagree will be censored, smeared, bankrupted or jailed, and where any semblance of our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be shat on at every turn, I should probably watch what I say… but guess what?

     Fuck that.

     The widespread, mandated abuse of our children today, primarily by the Left, which now includes much of the Right, is perhaps the greatest evil I will witness in my lifetime. My children have been robbed of their childhoods and their future, and not because of public health, but because a group of deranged tyrants seek to control and oppress the entire world. Most of my children’s friends that they made in our new town have shunned them, including neighbors. Their new school was converted into a dystopian concentration camp. Masked clowns, brainwashed by their liberal parents, bully them at the park. All of their extracurricular activities and sports have been ruined or cancelled altogether for no reason whatsoever. Beaches, parks and woods were shutdown for months, which is absolutely insane. They cannot go anywhere or do anything. I won’t even mention what the Left has done to education and culture, such as the demonic sexualization of our children or their radical transhumanism agenda. But the covid lie – the media-induced hysteria and ensuing delusion of the masses is something truly unfathomable. That otherwise functional human beings could become so brainwashed and repel science and facts to this degree is the most insane thing I have ever witnessed in my life. 

     Anyone who endorses this sociopathic reaction to a pandemic that is mathematically and scientifically NOT a pandemic and poses no abnormal or elevated threat whatsoever is not only ignorant and brainwashed, but is complicit in child abuse. Any parent who puts masks (which literally does NOTHING to prevent the spread of a virus) on their children thus robbing them of oxygen and poisoning them with recycled waste, CO2 and chemicals used to treat masks, is committing child abuse. An entire generation of children will have brain damage and mental/emotional scars from being psychologically terrorized. Leftist officials, politicians and anyone else (such as our criminal, power-drunk tyrant, Governor Charlie Baker, here in Massachusetts) imposing this tyranny on our children and on every human being who has the God-given right to breathe, to think, to speak, to travel, to get sun, to exercise, to exist and to enjoy the Earth will go straight to hell after they die. With any luck, those who love freedom will stand up before all is lost and finally put these devils in prison for life without parole.   

     I was born in America, and though I can no longer recognize this country now that hoards of depraved, progressive lunatics have co-opted media, education, music, film, sports and of course, local and federal government, I will continue to honor and cherish my God-given right to free speech, freedom of movement, economic freedom, medical freedom and of course, the 2nd Amendment. Just imagine when the illegitimate puppet Biden and his Marxist harlot ban guns from all law-abiding citizens. The only ones left with guns will be the criminals and the government. Anyone who this does not frighten is not thinking straight or has simply been indoctrinated by the spineless, freedom-hating whores on CNN, MSBNC, ABC, CBS, NBC et al, and now even FOX. I’m sure they will soon fire Tucker Carlson by accusing him of being a pedophile rapist or something. To note, the Left usually accuses their opposition of the very thing they are, so be aware that there may be a bunch of pedophile rapists walking around.  

     When I grew up in the 70s and 80s, most Americans understood that socialism was a degenerate and oppressive doctrine of envy, entitlement, control and tyranny. We knew it led to violence and impoverishment, economic and spiritual destruction, lack of ambition, ingenuity, drive and work ethic, and that it engaged in disgusting tactics against any opposition such as false flags, lies, manipulation, projection and demonization… but these collectivist madmen can go to hell. When we are being called fascists by the fascists themselves, we must stand up and deliver truth. We have come to the point where compliance is complicity, so please, do not stand by and tacitly allow every freedom you cherish and every cent you have worked your whole life for vanish into thin air, or rather, into the pocket of some filthy politician. 

     I have a younger cousin who lashed out at me with quite a load of vitriol because I wrote a post a while back before I deleted Facebook about the deliberate loss of our basic freedoms under the guise of this bullshit pandemic. Among a myriad of insults and attacks, one thing he said was that nobody is coming after our freedom of speech. LOL. More than being comical and blind, this is sad. I could sit down with him and show him the thousands of groups and individuals who have been censored and purged by the liberal tech CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google or the entirety of mass media outlets just for disagreeing and he would go, “What? I don’t see anything!” Or he might call anything that has been censored to be necessary because it is “hate speech,” even if it were, say, a group of intelligent doctors speaking to the effectiveness of alternative therapies or, and more importantly, speaking to how ineffective and harmful lockdowns are, let alone criminal. But try convincing a liberal that every differing view has nothing to do with systemic racism or white supremacy, even if it is about something wholly unrelated, such as monetary policy. All anyone has to do is open their eyes to history and they will see it is always the Left who becomes VIOLENT when they do not get their way. 

     I love my family and I love America but so many of them have become so programmed and brainwashed. I wonder in prayer how they became so weak mentally. They mask up like pathetic sheep and believe anything they hear on CNN, which is fictional by nearly every metric. We are in the midst of one of the greatest assaults on our freedom and our basic human rights in all of history, carried out under the guise of the two greatest hoaxes – climate change and covid-19(84). That Anthony Fauci, puppet of Bill Gates who has funded his NIH to well over 100 million dollars, has been able to singlehandedly destroy the entire world, along with Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab and many other NWO collectivist lunatics in office around the world, is truly unbelievable. America will become destitute. The people will become slaves. They have made war against the people and they think they will win… but they won’t. They will fail and they will be held accountable.

     Much of this began because of the Establishment’s addiction to war, and yes, that includes the LEFT. Many out there refuse facts, but Trump was the only anti-war president since JFK, and we all know what happened to both of them. Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize before even taking office and then attacked Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. He funded and militarized Al-Qaeda. He weaponized the IRS and unlawfully silenced opposition. He was a socialist tyrant and a liar. Trump, whether you like his personality or not, withdrew our troops, never went to war and signed multiple treaties. Perhaps he knew that every war since WWII was a deliberate false flag. Nobody ever had a problem with Trump before he entered politics, but he was not a politician and the Establishment had to crush him. So they set the media against him to paint him as Satan and all of the weak idiots believed what their Televisions told them to believe. The sheep refused to engage in any thinking, research, facts, history, anything. They simply allowed themselves to become programmed and then proceeded to transfer all of their toddler-like rage and anger onto him and all of these other fabricated social causes. And now they are rewriting history. It is all a lie. And yes, the election was stolen. Anyone who denies the evidence of this is simply blind. Joseph Stalin (responsible for the genocide of some 20 million people) himself said, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” 

     More pressing was our delinquent, debt-based monetary system and out of control profligacy. Except for Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, and perhaps a few others, both faux political parties are statists and believe in big government, endless spending and war. Central planning by the political and banking elite has literally hollowed out this country. The economic stupidity of our politicians is so vast and endless that it has now become quite dangerous and even lethal. To think you can borrow, print and monetize debt ad infinitum without ever paying it back is lunacy. Nobel Prizes have been handed out to Keynesian morons like Paul Krugman whose genius amounts to, ‘we need to print worthless dollars into oblivion.’ Did you realize that each new dollar printed into existence or created into existence by the stroke of a key via fractional reserve banking has interest attached to it and will need to be paid back with dollars that do not exist yet? Currency supply and credit must continue to expand or the entire system collapses. Thus, monetary inflation is baked into the cake and the dollar is guaranteed to lose value. This is a hidden tax on the people and when interest rates are manipulated to zero or negative (which is insane), anyone with savings loses even more of their purchasing power. Did you realize that you are being fleeced every single day? Not only is your purchasing power being reduced through endless currency creation but also via rates that do not keep pace with inflation. The system is designed by the banks to benefit only them and those first in line with LIBOR rate loan access. Growth must continue to expand lest the entire system implodes. We have been borrowing our prosperity out of the future for decades and your children will all become debt serfs. The idiot baby boomers and their respective politicians have done indescribable damage to America, to our prosperity and strength, and to the future of our children and grandchildren.

     Our standard of living is crashing and it has been decreasing for decades. I have traded most of my increasingly worthless dollars in for other assets that will keep pace with the rapidly increasing dollar destruction and I suggest you do the same. The government and the banks are not here to help you, so you better open your eyes before you become destitute and ready to explode. It is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING INSANE to purposely destroy the worldwide economy and all small businesses in the name of something with a death rate that is statistically non-existent, something that kills no more than the seasonal flu, if it exists at all.  The death toll of this insanely cruel and idiotic reaction to covid will be exponentially more. You do not ruin the entire world because there is a new strain of the cold that 99.9987% of people recover from and don’t even get sick at all. Anyone who supports the destruction of business and the entire economy is stupid beyond all comprehension. Liberals whine about masks and support the lockdowns yet also supposedly cheer for the poor. UM, GUESS WHO THE LOCKDOWNS AFFECT THE MOST? The poor. Laborers whose jobs require brick and mortar businesses to be open. Those who cannot stay at home and work from a computer. What entitled narcissists they are. They don’t really give a shit about the poor or about minorities or about children. Liberalism is an exercise in hypocrisy, arrogance and stupidity.

     Some knew, such as Ron Paul et al, that once our debt to GPD ratio crossed 100% and once unfunded liabilities, i.e. future entitlement promises, went into the hundreds of trillions that our system was mathematically unsustainable and was going to blow up. Of course, politicians, being idiots who refuse to accept any blame or responsibility, needed an excuse to default… so they will use covid – the fake pandemic. What a perfect way to blame their failures. The Left and much of the Right just refuses to understand economics. All they have done is driven away capital (and thus jobs) and impoverished their states. Looks at all the major cities run by liberals – they are ABSOLUTE SHITHOLES. California and New York are failed states. When you increase government, which is funded by extracting wealth from the private sector, you decrease real GDP. You decrease prosperity. Raising taxes is literally one of the most asinine and criminal policies that exists. It destroys economic production, drives business and wealth out of the country, and eventually bankrupts a nation. When those riding in the cart exceeds those pulling the cart, guess what happens? The cart stops. Margaret Thatcher astutely said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” It is also a violation of the Ten Commandments – “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.”   

    The virus was very clever. It is the perfect way to carry out tyranny – to control, silence, impoverish and enslave the population. The virus has been used for several agendas, the first being to utterly destroy all small businesses, which employ most of the workforce. Why? For one, Big Tech was obviously bribed, and will now own commerce as well as digital payment systems. More importantly, by destroying everybody’s business, jobs and savings, people are left dependent on the government for handouts. The government then drops money from the sky and people begin to worship the State as their new Master and look to the State to help them. The catch? You have to give up your freedom in return. The State now owns you. Remember that when you whine about getting more free “money” from the government. This was all so predictable and yet it seems as though everybody is completely clueless.

     You have to remember that the Left believes that the State owns you and your children. They believe they should control what you do and what you think. They believe the State should control your children and how you raise them. They believe they have control over you and your children for the “good of the collective.” This is beyond arrogant, let alone destructive. 

     They also used covid to carry out many other agendas that have been pre-planned for years, even decades. Bill Gates is a megalomaniac who has openly talked of playing God to depopulate the Earth. That is not a conspiracy theory. He has given many public speeches and interviews on exactly that. Another video surfaced from 2005 of Bill Gates briefing the CIA about his FUNVAX and intentional release of a flu-like virus to falsely justify its delivery. The Funvax, however, had nothing to do with producing immunity to a virus but rather acted to alter the brain chemistry and DNA of its victims to reduce religiosity. If you think Bill Gates’s vaccines are sent to help the world, you are a very special kind of stupid. Reports are coming in all over the world about horrific side-effects of this RNA covid vaccine including permanent damage such as Bells Palsy and death. All are being viciously censored by the media. Pregnant women are warned not to take it. Legislation was passed to prevent anyone from suing the pharmaceutical companies for any adverse effects, such as, um, dying. Why would they pass a law like that if there is nothing cover something up? Why would they censor all dissenting views if there is nothing to cover up?

     Will you take the Mark of the Beast and get your digital covid certificate just to be able to live life, to be able to shop for food or even travel from town to town?  

     To note, George Soros is an uber Marxist who has funded most of the fake social justice nonsense in America to create chaos and division in order to destroy America and, of course, to remove Trump, who stood in the way of their globalist agenda. If you think burning down cities, looting businesses, demonizing and attacking anyone who isn’t a socialist has anything to do with justice and tolerance, you are also a very special kind of stupid. If you think Antifa thugs were not a Soros creation or that BLM has anything to do with helping black people, you are a very special kind of stupid. If you believe that all white men are racist, sexist bigots and that systemic racism ravages every vein of America, you are truly an idiot. If you think using biological pronouns is bigoted, you really should be on some sort of medication.

     I once knew a liberal intellectual (there is nothing more insufferable) who asserted that neuroscience has proven that all white men are born racist, that racism is engrained in our bio-chemistry from birth. He said he would only “grant me that I believed I was not a racist.” This sort of arrogance and these sorts of unscientific, insane theories are highly dangerous and appalling, not to mention insulting and vile. He was purporting that one day there might be a shot forcibly injected into whites to prevent them from becoming racists. To entertain this stuff, one has to be either a brainwashed ideologue or just incredibly unintelligent. Does nobody read history? The demonrats are the most racist party in the history of America. They are the party of the KKK, Jim Crow and segregation. They opposed civil rights legislation. They are obsessed with categorizing everybody into groups as opposed to one human race, and then they assign value judgments based on those groups. They instill minorities with a victim mentality to maintain control over them and to keep them weak and submissive to their democrat masters. They have literally ravaged black urban communities and their policies have impoverished these regions utterly. How do leftists not see how racists and divisive they are? The conservatives and libertarians I know by far have the least prejudice in their hearts. Just the notion of race and seeing everything through a racial lens as the democrats and their media pressititutes do perpetuates and causes racism that did not previously exist. They wanted a race war and they manipulated the people to get one. Go to any working class minority region and the people are busy working. It’s mostly brainwashed white millenials who are the ones protesting in the streets and preventing blacks and latinos from getting to work. The only truth is that biological notions of race are false. There is only one race: the human race. 

     Covid was also used to demoralize and psychologically terrorize the population into compliance and submission. It was used to brutalize and abuse the population. Shutting down parks, woods, beaches… making everyone stay at home (house arrest) shun their families and friends, wear face diapers everywhere they go… this is all sick and abusive. As if breathing in oxygen and getting sun are now dangerous. How did people fall for this? I honestly cannot believe it. Never in my wildest dreams did I think such mass delusion could occur. Everyday when you walk out of your door, there are hundreds of other threats potentially more lethal and nobody ever stopped living and became paralyzed with fear. The Hong Kong flu in the 60s was 4-5 times as bad and nothing was shutdown. In fact, we have had many viruses and you barely heard anything at all.

     Of course this is political! Of course you are being manipulated by the media! If the media began sensationalizing the seasonal flu, which kills tons of people every year, would you suddenly become terrified of the flu to the point of psychosis? Would you wear a fucking hazmat suit to the grocery store? I truly cannot believe how gullible and pathetic people have become. People are now paranoid and look at everyone else as a threat. People jump out of the way of my kids in the woods as if they are lepers. People are depressed, despondent, suicidal and then some are even thankful to the government for letting them out of their houses once in a while. They just bend over and cede all their freedoms in the name of this lie. Forgive me, but those who comply with this overt tyranny deserve what is coming. 

     They also used covid to demonize cash, and narcissist Melinda Gates has often yapped about the coming digital currency. What a perfect lie, to say we cannot use cash anymore because it is dirty and transfers the virus. Digital currency controlled by the State is effective slavery. They will control when and where you shop, what you earn, what you are taxed, everything. They can shut you off if they want. It is totalitarian control and it is modern-day slavery.

     The used covid to also demonize gathering so people cannot think and speak for themselves, and more importantly, so they cannot protest and rise up. Wait, sorry… protesting for the Left is fine and no virus exists during a Leftist protest, but if two guys protest small business shutdowns so they can feed their kids, or if I want to protest for free speech or freedom of religion, I am branded an evil, bigoted, racist murderer. This is what the LEFT has done to America. Social distancing is a sick oxymoron. Human beings are social by nature. We need each other. We need family and friends. And yes, our grandparents need us to visit them. Who is not appalled by these restrictions? Who is not appalled by these Orwellian dictates and rules and isolation? Have we lost our collective minds? 

     Are you starting to see what they have done to this country? All of this chaos, from the concocted systemic racism that does not exist… to the ridiculous idea that white men grilling on football Sunday is warming the Earth and we’re all going to die in 2 years… to a “virus” that has never actually been isolated and claims a non-comorbid death rate of less than 1% of 1% of 1% (so, statistically speaking, insignificant to say the least)… all of it was made-up by the Leftist elite and all of it is bullshit. This stuff is right out of a Marxist playbook. What you see today playing out all over the world is exactly what Stalin and Hitler did. Deblasio telling neighbors to spy on each other and turn each other in. Modern-day, citizen Nazi brownshirts turning people in all over California, Oregon and Washington for walking outside without a mask. Cuomo trying to pass a bill to set up detainment camps to remove, without due process, anyone suspected of being infected or even anyone suspected of being a carrier or anyone suspected of being in contact with a carrier or with someone infected. If you do not see how abusive and tyrannical this is, than yes, you are a very special kind of stupid. And if you do not stand up to this, you are a coward. 

     Everything precious in life is being destroyed. Liberals are hell bent on ruining everything. They hate joy. They hate fun. They hate family. They hate God. They hate freedom of thought. They hate freedom of speech. They hate everything that was good about America. They even hate football! I’d love to ask the anthem kneelers about their oppression, because if oppression is getting paid 20 million dollars a year to throw a ball around, become famous, live the high life and marry a supermodel, then I’m sure there billions of people out there who would love some oppression. These people are truly delusional. And they lie, project and use false flag events to smear their opposition. The term “conspiracy theorist” was developed by the CIA to carry out psy-ops just like the ones you are seeing today. It is all a lie. 

     Dumb parents are abusing their kids by masking them for NO REASON WHATSOEVER, robbing them of oxygen, poisoning them with CO2 and terrorizing them psychologically. They may not admit it, but children are and will become extremely disturbed by wearing masks all day and by seeing other people wearing masks all day. Wearing a mask outside is insane. Wearing a mask anywhere is insane. Anyone walking around with a face diaper on outside is suffering from an acute mental illness. These people all look deranged and ridiculous. They cannot think for themselves, they cannot do any research, they cannot reason, they cannot see the truth…. they are enslaved in their own caves of ignorance. Oh, and by the way, it says right on the box that masks do no stop the transmission of viruses. LOL. They don’t do anything. They are simply about compliance, crushing the spirit, and making people feel isolated and pathetic. Did you know you’re supposed to wear goggles now because you can transmit and receive covid through the eyes? Have you seen the list of covid symptoms? It includes every fucking symptom known to mankind. If you are perfectly healthy, you have covid. If you are breathing, you have covid. Have you see how everyone now only dies from covid, even the guy whose parachute didn’t open while skydiving? Again, who falls for this total, utter bullshit? ALL LIES. 

     Finally, covid is being used by mastermind Kluas Schwab of the World Economic Forum to impose his Great (communist) Reset, where “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” Watch the video. The great reset is about population control, economic enslavement, and the end of freedom. All countries will cede sovereignty to the UN. No borders. No culture. No gender. Orwell was right. The WEF and the UN have been marketing this for a long time. They are even using mindless, idiot, leftist celebrities to do so. The have videos out about the great reset. The UN called this Agenda 21, and now it is Agenda 2030 or the Great Reset. This is true and it has been planned for decades. This is happening. Covid is not random nor was it an accident. It was pre-planned because climate change propaganda and legislation wasn’t working. Companies had patents for tests and vaccines long before covid surfaced. It is not a pandemic. It is a political agenda. Just like climate change has nothing to do with clean air and clean water, which of course we all want. There is no causal relationship between Co2 and global warming. There never has been. These people refuse to understand cycles and history. Just in the last century, we were twice supposed to die of a coming ice age and then from rising seas and global warming. That was 20 years ago. The ice caps have many times melted completely and then thickened once again. Climate change is nothing more than a political agenda to tax, control, depopulate and monopolize resources. It is a new form of eco-terrorism believed by the most self-loathing people on Earth. And now we have an entire generation of whining, idiot Millenials who believe this nonsense and demand laws for every iota of personal discomfort they may experience. Sorry, but my rights don’t end where your feelings begin. The politically correct/social justice hoax has literally ruined culture in America. Even Eminem turned into a complete moonbat. And sorry, but discomfort is called Life on Earth. It’s called being human. Having uncomfortable feelings is not a novelty, nor should the world revolve around you just because you are offended by everything. Try getting a job and you will have less time to think about yourself and whine about your feelings. 

    You have to understand that some liberals hate themselves so much and are so unintelligent (while acting smug and intelligent) that they project their self-hatred onto the world and onto anyone who disagrees with them. Because they hate themselves, they hate people and they hate children and they hate family. These are the people who want to abort everyone and silence any and all opposition. They say it’s about saving the planet, like AOC’s constituent who said we need to eat the babies for climate change, but it’s not. It’s because they hate who they are. They loathe themselves. They are miserable and Godless and have made room for Satan. Just look at how they glorify infanticide. It is truly vile and makes the stomach curl.

     Today, the devil is winning. This is a grand holy war. I hope that people wake up and shun this madness before it is too late. I hope we come back to God. I will continue praying and writing about addiction and the spiritual malady behind it all. I will not lose faith. We are all inter-connected and thus we have all somehow created this mess.

     Let us all pray hard. Let us all write inventory. Let us all get down in humility and show some deference to our Lord.

     God bless you.

     “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” – Ayn Rand

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