The Status Quo Treatment Centers of Today are Based on Lies, Relapse and More Drugs… and are a Total Disservice to Our Loved Ones

Aside from the current worldwide coup against the people, one great travesty and disservice of today is the prevalence of useless, insurance-funded treatment centers. You might as well spend 30 days getting brainwashed by social justice warriors who preach victimhood as if it is a new religion. What pains me is that the very teeth have been taken out of recovery, and worse, God has been taken out of AA. There is no AA without God, as the very conception and purpose of AA is to teach the sick man or woman a set of spiritual actions in order to bring him or her closer to God. So I’m not exactly sure what the fuck secular AA means, but logically speaking, the term is a textbook oxymoron.

I know someone in “treatment” right now, if you can call it that. His so-called addiction counselors have firmly instructed all of his loved ones back home not to “stress him out.” They are not to give him any shit about anything whatsoever. They are not to put too much on his plate. They are not to express any feelings of anger, disappointment, heartache, anything. They made it quite clear that it is ALL ABOUT HIM right now. Right, so this approach is the shining antithesis of getting better. The modern credo of ‘it’s all about the addict’ so clearly contradicts precisely what the addict NEEDS, which is to rid him of his pathological preoccupation with himself. All the addict has ever thought about is himself. That is his sole focus. His selfishness comes before anything else in his life and it comes at the expense of whatever gets in the way of him using the way he wants and doing whatever he damn well pleases. His COMFORT is the VERY THING THAT HAS BROUGHT HIM DOWN to begin with, the very thing that has broken the hearts and stolen the lives, time, money and energy of so many.

Getting better has zero to do with coddling the addict, protecting his comfort zone, focusing on his selfish wants and needs. Getting better is instead focusing on the needs of others. We are not getting better from drugs and alcohol, but from the people we have become. Getting better is defined by serving others, and it demands that we focus on those whom we have hurt, on how we can better serve them, not ourselves. We deserve to get a pile of shit thrown in our face, and then another pile, and another. It is time for the deranged and mind-blowingly selfish addict to finally evolve from his current toddler phase into a man, into an adult who faces the world and begins to grasp and accept the fact that life does not involve him feeling good 24/7. Life involves good days and bad days, good feelings and bad feelings, up and down, light and dark. Adult life involves walking through our pain and our exhaustion and our feelings. Adult life involves getting up and working hard and being responsible and taking care of those in our lives regardless of how we feel. That’s just what adults do. Don’t tell me that addicts are not capable of this because they are somehow different or have a disease. Total bullshit. Addicts are simply children who refuse to grow up, but they are perfectly capable. They are just too selfish and childish to develop into an adult and accept human life on Earth.

I am just trying to save parents and spouses (who have already been robbed enough) the money and/or the false hope of this progressive nonsense treatment of today. It is a facade and only serves to perpetuate the very problem with the addict. It also serves to simply coil the spring and trust me, the run he or she will go on when they relapse the week they get home will be epic, if not altogether lethal. The addict has a broken mind. He or she suffers from insanity. Until he has a profound spiritual experience and a fundamental psychic change where every single guiding attitude and pattern of responding to life and relationships is completely rearranged, they are no better at all. Until the addict is sane, there is no recovery. And you will know. You will know if they are recovered and have the fire of God inside. You will know if they are not about self anymore. It is obvious. You can see it in their eyes. The selfishness will disappear.

But if we go through one of these hollow, so-called treatment centers of today, nothing happens. From point A when we arrive to point B when we leave, guess what? Nothing has occurred except purgatory between relapses. As well, and just as important, is MOTIVE. What degree of selfishness and what agenda do we bring when we go? What is his or her motive behind going, because more often than not it is selfish and external, simply to achieve some end. Is he going simply to save a relationship, save custody of a child, save a job, get people off of his back for a while? If he is not going purely to save himself, to save his individual life and soul, then it is essentially meaningless. Many people say they want to change but they don’t really want to. Some want to change but not completely. The addict who gets better is willing to change completely, to throw everything behind them and completely alter the course and the purpose of his or her life.

Look, recovery today is a business, and the business model is based on lies and bullshit. ‘Relapse is part of recovery???’ Um, sorry, no it’s not. Relapse has nothing to do with recovery. That’s the whole point of recovery – you don’t relapse. ‘The addict and his or her insane and abusive behavior is not their fault, they are victims of a disease that they not give to themselves nor did they want???’ LOL, that is laughable. We are ENTIRELY RESPONSIBLE for what we do and who we become. Nobody wakes up one day and is suddenly a full blown alcoholic, cokehead or heroin addict. Trust me, we put a ton of effort into breaking our bodies and breaking our minds because we LOVE DRINKING AND USING. Nobody becomes anything without wanting to on some level. We use because we fucking love to use. Only the recovered individual has come to naturally repel drugs and alcohol as evil spiritual poison. Only the recovered individual has come to want God and spiritual growth more than anything else. Only then can you stop worrying about the addict. Believe me, you’ll know if you can let go and stop worrying.

But regarding this empty, shallow, diaper rehabs of today, where the addict is just absconded from everything they have done, where told they are a victim of a disease and are given Ativan, Naltrexone, Suboxone and some other salad of substitution drugs and psychotropics which will propel him into permanent insanity and lead to a relapse that is guaranteed to end his life… why would they want addicts to actually recover? If my sponsee recovers with a pen, a notebook and a $5 Big Book, there is no need for big business recovery. Without insanity and relapse, there is no more business. They use addicts and they use parents and spouses and families.

Thank you for reading and God bless you.

PS Sorry about the unedited, below-average quality of this post – I just had to bang this one out real quick.

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  1. Thank you charlie. This is a breath of fresh air, wlhen im being told by my dr im doing well and should stay on subutex for longer as apparently ĺim at risk of relapse – until i do steps im at risk anyway. Being told i should give up work and go into a dry house. Madness! Triggers and tip toeing doesnt help me

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