Just Because the Media Successfully Terrorized & Brainwashed You, That Is Not an Excuse to Drink, Use Drugs or Wallow in Depression

Addiction and alcoholism seem secondary at best in an age where we have to be bullied by the deranged ideology of radical liberalism in which Dr. Seuss gets banned for absolutely no reason whatsoever (few things in life are more insufferable than phony, virtue-signaling progressives), or where we are subjected to the well-coordinated communist takeover and the psychopathology of the current triumvirate and their self-righteous, citizen minions in which we are stripped of our God-given freedom and human rights. But because we find ourselves in the midst of absolute tyranny, we should address the issue of addiction and lockdowns…

Sure I am deeply disturbed, as should we all, by this socialist takeover and abuse. Never in 6000 years have governments deliberately frozen and thus destroyed their economies and become so universally tyrannical. What is so appalling and particularly evil is how this has nothing to do with public health, but rather quite the opposite. Anyone who cannot or will not see this is unfortunately blind, or is perhaps, as the Big Book so eloquently asserts, some sort of mental defective. That said, yes, it is stressful and depressing and deeply concerning… but is all this an excuse to pour booze down your throat or use drugs like a pig? Sorry, nope.

To note, the effects of these immoral and criminal lockdowns will absolutely slay more people than an illness that is so dangerous most people have absolutely no clue they have it… one so dangerous that the non-comorbid death rate is less than 1% of 1% of 1%… one so dangerous that any and all dissenting facts must be immediately censored and the source viciously smeared and banned. Newsflash: You don’t manically censor something if there is nothing to hide. So if the government and the media and Big Tech need to censor something, rest assured there is something to cover up.

But so far as addiction and alcoholism go, I have read countless tales of lockdowns as an excuse to ply oneself with liquor and drugs. In fact, this virus was so dangerous and drinking/using drugs were so simultaneously important, that liquor stores and weed shops were never shut down. Art stores for supplies to homeschool my kids were, because you can catch covid while buying markers, but not while buying 6 handles of vodka or a bag of white widow at the dispensary. Makes sense. Anyway, to use covid as an excuse to drink or use is the height of insanity. How convenient for addicts and alcoholics. How convenient for the depressed. Please remember that nothing outside of you causes you to use. And nothing outside of you causes you to be depressed. Your depression is the result of your reaction to life’s events, not the events themselves. It is similar to addiction in that we have allowed our will and our conscience to wither up into a shriveled raisin. Both are also the result of pathological focus on oneself and one’s feelings. Both are an active and voluntary leaking of vital energy.

The solution is simply to walk through your feelings. Get busy despite how you feel. Serve God and serve others despite how you feel. Work hard despite how you feel. Even menial tasks like cleaning the house or the apartment will take you out of your head and prevent you from spiraling. Eat, exercise, pray, meditate and live life despite how you feel. You do not have to let your feelings stop you from living, from growing, from giving and from loving.

Yes, I have had some challenges and some anger surrounding the fact that the world and specifically my country and state have been taken over and are now ruled by tyrants and their brainwashed, citizen mob. I hate the fact that insane, unintelligent, Godless liberals have ruined education, culture, children, and just about everything else I cherish, everything that makes life worth living. But despite the fact that it seems as though the devil is winning today, we must fight back. We must fight for ourselves and our families and our freedom. I saw a sticker recently that said, “less government, more family…” and Lord how true and important this is today.

So do not give up. Do not isolate. Gather and socialize as much as humanly possible. Reject distancing like the indoctrinated masses reject the so-called virus. Love as much as possible. Live as much as possible Go do things. Have fun. Do not let the fictional media terrorize you. Do not let the lies of Fauci, Gates, Schwab and the cabal of Satanists brainwash you into a state of permanent terror. What are you going to do, live the rest of your entire life in a mask, gloves and body suit? If that’s the case, you might as well just pack it in because what the fuck kind of life is that?

Finally, please remember that compliance is complicity. This abuse and this evil will never end until we ALL stand up and tell the government and their communist minions to go fuck themselves.

God bless you.


2 thoughts on “Just Because the Media Successfully Terrorized & Brainwashed You, That Is Not an Excuse to Drink, Use Drugs or Wallow in Depression

  1. I completely agree charlie. Im trying to get better (am on subutex which i regret but in the midst of doing a rapid reduction while working full time ) d your posts make so much sense. Yes ive been through abuse but that doesnt mean its ok to kill myself and hurt other people. Bottom line is that i need to change, looking at myself is painful but pain is a good thing right? Without pain theres no healing. A splinter hurts while you pull it out bit it heals, it doesnt hurt if you leave it but long term it fucks you up.

    Reading your posts im grateful that my therapist isnt at all like some of the enablers i hear about! In fact i feel pissed off with her sometimes which im taking as a good sign. If i moan about someone its a discussion around my part, my behaviours and beliefs, nd how that will sffect me. We discuss my childhood abuse quite a lot and shes always clear that wasnt my fault – but she also raises the issue that now im a grown up its up to me to recognise my fuxked up thinking and actions and to change them. A few months back we came to a head when i was just coasting and making excuses snd she said that if i wasnt willing to be challeged or change then she would rather stop our sessions as her colluding with me would do more harm than good. That gave me the kick i needed. It doesnt mean shes horrivle as shes so kind and i trust her- and i respect her.

    Honestly your blog has helped lots. As i say im dling a rapid reduction and i know physical sobriety is little in comparison to the change i need to make. But this blog has encouraged me to keep working when my sponser was advising me to go on benefits and live in a dry house (nope!), to keep busy working and not be gentle with myself and take MH days cos i was anxious that morning, to ignore someone who suggested my mum was a trigger (no such thing. I can use on any emotion), its encouraged me to be a bit sterner with myself (not self pity though) and also has supported me in drawing boundaries with manipulative people in NA who ask for money or bus fare or bus directions or food money. Thank you so much. And there are some good therapists out there – i think ive struck gold with mine.

  2. I really like your blog. I really really benefit from your bracing grasp of the bullshit of addicts elected victimhood. I am still struggling with that delusional guff. And your blog helps. When it turns into what seems like an intensely right wing rant you lose me though.

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