Beware the Spiritual Effects of Using & Drinking


We know that addiction is a spiritual problem and that pure logic dictates the solution must also be spiritual, but let’s discuss some of the more abstract (though no less real or dangerous) effects addiction has on one’s spiritual condition. Do not forget, however, that anyone who becomes an alcoholic or a drug addict suffers from a pre-existing spiritual malady, and then the drugs and alcohol begin to exacerbate this sickness to the point of insanity and the eventual death of the soul.

Trust me, there is much more occurring in this world than we can see and touch, and if you study the core of any sane, intelligent religious tradition, you will understand this necessary push and pull between good and evil. We are in the midst of a grand holy war and you can see evil working today just as you can see good. You can see those who serve Satan just as you can see those who serve God.


The adverse spiritual effects of drugs (and in particular alcohol) to the active addict are not to be understated. All physical matter can be broken down into precisely the same thing: atoms. As such, we are all interconnected and this is one reason why it matters what we do, what we say and what we think. Whether we like it or not, we have a fundamental responsibility to act in a way that we would recommend for all others.

Energetically speaking, we all have an essential, spiritual shield. Alcohol rips a hole in that shield, allowing all manner of spiritual poison into our being, such as negative and demonic energy. Yes, demons. Psychologists call it psychosis and so forth, but in plain language, drug and alcohol use leave one wide open to evil. Psychosis literally means disease or abnormality of the soul (psyche = soul, osis = abnormality or disease of). So with our spiritual shield ripped open, demonic energy can infect not only the addict but all those who come into contact with him or her.

The new-age refusal to accept the selfishness and immorality inherent in drug and alcohol use is quite frankly appalling. The teenagers I used to work with used to whine and moan, “How am I selfish and hurting others if I’m just doing it to myself?!” To best answer this question to an idiot teenager, I would amend the question and ask right back… “So, what if you came home one day and your mother was smoking crack on the couch after prostituting herself to some crack dealer to buy the crack? How would that feel? Wouldn’t you be heartbroken?” The point is that anything we do to harm ourselves harms anyone who loves us by extension. Even when my 6-year old daughter tells me she is no good and so forth, it breaks my heart. So there is no using drugs and drinking alcohol in a vacuum. It is selfish no matter what because when we hurt ourselves, we break the heart of anyone who gives a shit about us.

As for the moral failing of using drugs and alcohol, take relapse for example. Say I go to treatment and take steps and learn of the damage I have done. I vow to change and do right by my family, friends and the rest of the world. Then I come home and relapse, but with the full knowledge that I am doing the wrong thing and hurting my loved ones (who by the way are already exhausted, stressed, burned and broke from what we have done to them). How is that not a moral failure? Of course it is, and anyone who tells you different is not only full of shit but they are infecting you with the degenerate notion that nothing you do is your fault or responsibility. If there is one thing preventing addicts from getting better, it is this. The very teeth have been ripped out of recovery, including God, courtesy of progressivism, and this is without question the greatest travesty regarding addiction/alcoholism and treatment today.

Finally, regarding a recent comment about ideology, I do not find personal and economic liberty to be an issue of political ideology. If you take the time to look deeply into the reality of what is happening, I suspect you will see that we are losing everything we cherish and hold sacred. C-1984 is an obvious and well-evidenced hoax – a planned decimation of the world economy to impose the WEC’s global communist government coupled with the Gates agenda to depopulate via vaccine (sterilization & death). It is also obvious that the masses have been utterly brainwashed by their television sets. Many are now programmed to react psychotically to any dissent whatsoever. I could give you countless personal anecdotes that are completely insane.

Furthermore, regarding addiction, I do see an intriguing similarity between the mind-set of today’s leftist/millennial snowflake/crazed SJW and the mind-set of a drug addict/alcoholic, which reveals just how dangerous and destructive this is all becoming. That said, the entire Establishment is pro-big government, pro-war and pro-spending, all of which limit freedom, and I certainly do not care for any sort of political whore, whether Left or Right. I do not believe in the State or the “collective.” I believe in family. I believe in freedom. I believe in hard work, accountability and personal responsibility. I believe in God. What do you believe in? What do you worship? Both of these questions are of great importance today and moving forward… especially if you have children and care at all about their future.


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