Drug Addict Self-Aggrandizing on FB = Antithesis of Recovery

Do your loved ones a favor (you know, all the people we robbed, abused, stabbed in the heart, exhausted, manipulated, deceived and used without even blinking) before you carry your progressive narcissism into “sobriety” and seek attention (i.e. another dopamine release) by congratulating yourself on Facebook about how amazing and awesome you are. Try to remember that you never should have become a drug addict or an alcoholic to begin with, as it is both wrong and exemplifies the height of selfishness, and therefore you should not be recognized by others, nor should you recognize yourself simply because you grew up, finally became an adult and stopped hurting people and killing yourself.

Oh and btw, simultaneously showing off about how BAD you were as a drunk or an addict is the last thing to show off about. This only serves to perpetuate your narcissism, and to any responsible, normal, grown man or woman, it appears both unbecoming and insane.

I realize the Nanny State of America has taught you to do so because nothing is your fault, but try to resist. You are not recovering from some involuntary disease that victimized you while you were being a good person. Lol. Sorry. You are recovering from consciously and selfishly mutating yourself into an indulgent, addicted narcissist. Therefore, it is simply your responsibility to reverse the physical, mental and spiritual damage you inflicted on yourself and more importantly, on others.

We are not special. We are not amazing. We are idiotic children who think being human means we have the right to ply ourselves with self-comfort 24/7 no matter what the cost. We blame anything and anyone for how we feel – facts be damned. We even blame our parents and our genes, which is nothing short of an abomination. We think about nothing but ourselves, and so to continue to carry our narcissism into recovery and mount ourselves atop some pillar of virtue on social media is quite the opposite of getting better. It is precisely the frame of mind that got us into trouble and hurt so many others to begin with.

We addicts who continue to whine and moan about our feelings and our discomfort into recovery are still causing untold and endless stress to those around us. Isn’t it time to give our families, friends, spouses and children a break? Isn’t it finally time to grow up and stop thinking about nothing but ourselves all day and all night? Isn’t is time to stop being a burden? And isn’t it time to stop looking in the mirror, go serve others and maybe get one of those useful things we call a job?

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