OMFG I love your no BS approach to 12stp recovery. Im very similar and have been for a number of years. It was such a relief when I found your site, almost validating. At so many meetings I go to in my town they just look and act all funky towards me for sharing my experience in a no BS way.
Thank you for your blogs.


I also live in a region with sickly meetings. I used to go, drop bombs, and try to find people to take through the Big Book. This proved a useless endeavor as I am no match for a room full of untreated alcoholism. It soon dawned on me that many of these men and women were not alcoholics, as they can stop on their own power. They can stop by simply going to meetings. They can stop by making their higher power the coffee pot or the chair. They can stop without ever writing inventory, making amends and submitting to God. They can wait on the Steps until they FEEL like it, until they are comfortable enough to climb out of the bath of self-pity. They can stop without having a fundamental psychic change. That is, they can stop without changing who they are… without changing at all. Real addicts cannot recover without repairing themselves morally and without thoroughly addressing the damage they have done.

I’ll never forget the cocky loudmouth from some “Open-Speaker” meeting who said, “I’m still a total asshole, I’m just a sobah asshole!” Brilliant approach. He loved hearing himself repeat this witty, wise and unique modo as he spent a good 10-15 seconds laughing at himself and soaking in validation from the audience. What he was saying is that he is still completely insane but can remain sober… so it’s all good in the hood bro. And that is when I realized that many meeting makers are just drinkers and misfits who found AA, adopted the fake, secular, watered-down AA program of bumper sticker recitation and believe that GOD stands for the Group Of Drunks who kept them sober. It doesn’t matter that all of this runs in stark contradiction to the core principles and fundamental truths of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Any real alcoholic will tell you that no person or group of people can keep him sober. The loss of willpower is a spiritual event/malady and one that necessitates a spiritual solution. If you have lost power, you are no longer a sufficient power source. Therefore, you will need a source of power strong enough to restore you to sanity. That source is God. Pill popping and white-knuckling are not going to cut it, despite what you are told. And yes, you will need to take a shitload of right action and work hard 24/7. God will help you but only if you make an effort, take a leap of faith and reach out to Him. Small price to pay for lifelong freedom, in my view.

The Big Book grants some the ability to stop without God but those are usually men and women who have not crossed over the line yet. “Whether such a person can quit upon a non-spiritual basis depends on the extent to which he has already lost the power to choose whether he will drink or not.” (Alcoholics Anonymous, p.34) To note, many misunderstand this concept and use “losing choice” as an excuse for every kind of atrocious behavior and every relapse. This is NOT what the Big Book is saying. By choice the authors mean willpower, and the loss of willpower is but a TEMPORARY CONDITION, one that can be restored by taking right action and letting go of self-will. We effectively replace addiction with spiritual growth and we allow the power and the wisdom of God to guide us instead of arrogantly relying on our fucked up selves, which has done nothing but ruin our lives and pissed off/broken everyone around us.

To note, addicts and alcoholics excuse everything they do with the “choice” cop out. Nobody wakes up one day and suddenly has no choice. The process of losing control over one’s addiction is itself a choice, so give me a fucking break. Without choice, nobody would ever get better so how do you explain recovered people? You cannot, and this only proves that the present say so-called science and theory of addiction is a lie. Choice, or more accurately willpower, is never permanently lost and it can be restored at any point in time. Those who say they cannot get better and cannot stop relapsing are just pussies who refuse to do the work, refuse to grow up, refuse to change and refuse to take responsibility for their lives and their addiction. Anybody can get better if they desire to change. Anybody can recover who lets go absolutely and gives their entire life to spiritual/moral growth and to the will of God. You simply have to be willing to go to any lengths, and most people are not willing to go the distance. They will let go of this or that, but not everything. They also refuse to face reality, to experience the discomfort of being a human being, to face anything too uncomfortable at all. The problem isn’t alcohol or drugs. The problem is you have a bunch of children who are now being validated and coddled by mainstream science and treatment. Addicts are simply children who refuse to grow up and face adult life.

So if God makes the Godless AA contingency uncomfortable or altogether enraged, then they need to get over it because demoting our Creator into a group of drunks to appease their arrogant secularism is a recipe for death. Plus being stubborn and full of self-worship is the EXACT attitude that ruined us to begin with, so I suspect it might be time to try some humility and get underneath something. Even if we achieve physical sobriety, we will continue the progression of spiritual sickness and eventually lose our souls.

The conscience goes first. That is a telltale sign that your program is not working. When an addict takes Steps and undergoes a profound psychic change, they become incapable of doing the wrong thing, intentionally that is, as we all make mistakes.

It is all or none with us, so physical sobriety alone is irrelevant. We are either completely insane or we are completely recovered. There is no in between. Once the alcoholic has become sane, he or she is free and is incapable of relapse. There is no mental obsession. Besides, relapse would be wrong, and as the recovered individual now understands that doing the wrong thing is death, his or her newfound conscience is all they need. Relapsing would be a moral failure for the recovered and sane individual. And since recovering literally IS the restoration of willpower, sanity and conscience, relapse is absolutely and 100% a conscious, voluntary choice.

So if anyone gives you shit, know that it comes from white-knuckling it and refusing to give up selfishness. It comes from the pride and insecurity and misery of untreated alcoholism. It is just projection and inadequacy.

Or you can just ask them if they are too much of a pussy to take Steps. The only pandemic that exists today is a pandemic of fear and cowardice and lies and being a delusional sheep. It’s like the guy who talks the talk in the meeting and then gets in the car and turns into a psychopath on the road and goes home to give his family living hell. These are the people who are ruining AA and this is why success rates are collapsing. The other contingency ruining AA are the progressive atheists. Godless AA is an oxymoron. The entire purpose of AA is to find God and stop ruining your life and others with your selfishness and with choices born of self-will (words, thoughts and actions).

What a tragic shame it is to see mindless ideologues destroying everything generations have fought and died for. You really have to ask why they hate God so much, let alone freedom, truth, fun, and even children. Underneath it all is self-hatred, so remember that as you are attacked. Remember that as they smear and insult all who disagree. Remember that when they ruin and cancel everything. Remember that their ignorance of all subjects knows no bounds. This is why AA and addiction treatment are collapsing. In fact, this is why our entire society is collapsing. You are literally witnessing the collapse of collectivism right before your eyes, and this is why they have become so authoritarian and stupid.

The best advice I have is not to listen to any of the brainwashed, mentally ill fools that seem to be everywhere now. Do not let them infect you with fear and poison. You can barely hear them anyway as they try to form sentences through the ridiculous face diaper. Live your life and speak the truth. Take care of your inner and outer being. Teach your kids the truth and don’t let them swallow the endless propaganda. Don’t let the devil win. The planned Great Reset is here and it is pure evil. Get ready and stay very close to God. And whatever you do, do not under any circumstance take the vaccine or mask your children like the herds of brainwashed sheep. Trust me, you (and more importantly, your children) will pay the price.

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