New Privileged Addict Page on Telegram

Please pray and stay very close to our Lord God in these times. Trust me, darkness is upon us and it is going to get worse. Our job is to survive, to reject their death jab at all costs, and to grow spiritually. I should probably start a new blog because the truth about the world and how to navigate these times feels to me to be of the utmost importance. If you are an active alcoholic or drug addict, you must immediately find God, do the necessary work on yourself and then go protect and provide for your family. This is what real men and women do. It is time to grow up and get rid of the selfishness and the endless pile of sins holding you back. It is time to wake up and open your eyes. It is time to let the truth in and assume responsibility. It is time to stop being dependent on others or on the insane government. That is not an answer. They do not exist to help you. Turn your life over to God and your entire life will crack open and begin anew.

I’ve had to move the TPA page off of Facebook (aka CIA-book) for obvious reasons. Facebook is run by a mindless adolescent criminal who was long ago bribed, brainwashed and co-opted by the communists in DC. The same is true for Twitter, YouTube and Google and every other mainstream media outlet. They are all propaganda machines that censor, cancel and smear anyone who disagrees or tells the truth. They are anti-American at their core and loathe freedom, which is simply a manifestation of self-hatred.

Quite frankly, they, along with the entire mass media should be held criminally responsible for deliberately terrorizing and lying to the entire world about this 100% fabricated plandemic, for deliberately decimating the economy and small businesses, for causing mass human suffering and abuse, for sacrificing our children, and for permanently injuring, murdering and/or sterilizing what will most likely end up in the billions with Gates’s poisonous death vaccine, which is nothing but a scam between Gates/Fauci, the government and the pharmaceutical companies. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have long been involved in targeted genocide and is nothing but a murderous coward. Remember that Gates’s father ran the eugenics program known as Planned Parenthood, so he learned from the best. This is no “conspiracy theory,” which is simply a term they use to discredit whistleblowers and others who tell the truth, such as real doctors and scientists who haven’t been brainwashed, bribed, or are just plain idiots. These people are filthy, Godless criminals and murderers and I suspect that at some point when enough blind, stupid sheep wake up from their programmed stupor, these megalomaniac psychopaths will be dragged out of their offices and burned at the stake.

Needless to say, the same goes for the half-wit whores in Washington who have utterly destroyed this country – our society, our children, our future and our entire way of life. To them we are just unwashed slaves, to be used and abused endlessly. I pray to Christ that the masses of brainwashed robots and zombies wake up and start seeing and hearing the truth because if not, everything so many generations have fought and died for will be lost. They will ruin our children and die at the hands of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and his Great Reset. Great Reset, in case you are asleep, means total global control and tyranny. It means no sovereignty. It means no individual. It means no private property or ownership. It means one world government ruled my Marxist thieves. They are telling you what is happening right to your face and nobody is getting it. Absolutely mind-blowing.

Don’t forget that sacrificing and abusing your children is what Satan wants you to do. You may come to profoundly regret what you are doing to your children by asphyxiating them and injecting them with poison. When and if you wake up, the shame will be unbearable, so stop now and honor them as God’s creation.

All that said, the new social media TPA page has been moved to Telegram. The name is of course, The Privileged Addict, and the link is So please join the channel and I will resume posting memes and any useful thoughts and education regarding addiction, recovery and the solution which is God through Christ.

God bless you.

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