Warped Addict Perceptions, Which Sadly Includes Most Non-Addicts & People In General

Addicts and alcoholics falsely believe that their circumstances in life are the cause (and therefore the fault) of external events, other people, or even the society/culture at large and the entire world. This idea that everyone is somehow a victim of something external is one of the most depraved and destructive poisons of our time. It is ripping apart the very fabric of society. It is ripping apart families, friends and even nature itself… that is, what is natural. It has co-opted media, education and science (whatever that is). It has induced mass mental illness… fueled of course by fear, all of which is an illusion. Anyone who believes anything the media or the government tells you and anyone who complies is either mentally ill, painfully stupid or insane – perhaps all three.

This is what progressive lunatics and elitist scum have contributed to the problem of addiction. They have infected the mind of an addict that the only thing that one cannot blame for their addiction is themselves. This is so absurd on its face and objectively false that one cannot even begin to fathom the warped logic behind this nonsense.

Then there is the truth, and once you have opened your eyes and seen it, you will see the truth in all things.

Sadly, this problem of false perception now pervades the masses, not just drug addicts and alcoholics. In many ways, the masses have begun to think and act like drug addicts. They are quick to blame any situation or feeling on something outside of themselves, when the actual truth is that every aspect of your internal and external life, you have created. Worse yet, your reaction to any circumstance or situation in your life is defined by how you perceive it.

Addicts are narcissists. While that means so many things, one aspect almost guaranteed is that we see everything as an extension of self. So anything bad that happens to us is immediately blamed on some other person or worse yet, some social or worldly cause. Conversely, anything good that happens to us is attributed entirely to one’s incredible talent and harnessing of self-will. This delusional state of the narcissist, the addict, the alcoholic, and almost everyone today who has been brainwashed by the mass media, knows no bounds. This delusion spirals deeper and deeper until the person becomes apoplectic about all of life and essentially useless. So there is zero personal responsibility, but rather 100% blame and 100% projection.

All of this can be fixed rather easily, as it is simply a juvenile-type mental illness. It’s sort of like being a child. One can easily choose to grow up and assume full accountability for their life.

Therefore, the problem addicts and many others today have is quite simply themselves. The problem is you, not the other person. When we are clear and healthy mentally via consistent, daily right action… when we are wise and sane and at peace… then there is no problem. When we pray steadily, meditate and take inventory daily, help others, love others, exercise, breathe air, eat healthy/pure food and drink unpoisoned water etc etc… we stop giving two shits what anybody else is saying or doing.

Worry about yourself and the whole world will change, or at least the world around you and how you see it. Change the way you see a situation, see others and see yourself…

…and you will be free.

“God, please help us overcome the current state of mass delusion and brainwashing… lest we lose everything we hold dear and precious, everything we cherish… most importantly our freedom and our children.” 

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