To Invalidate the Immorality of Addiction Is Doing the Devil’s Work

I am fully convinced that the new-age, collectivist push to invalidate the immorality of addiction, and more specifically the behavior of addicts and the inevitable effects of that behavior, to be the work of the devil. Modern progressives and cultural Marxists have indeed co-opted science, sanity and sense. Everything you hear today about so-called science is essentially a joke, or just a lie. The truth is elusive – it is so simple and easy to see and grasp yet so difficult for those who’ve been dulled, numbed, poisoned and weakened mentally to a degree that is beyond repair. When you spend a lifetime ingesting poison of all kinds and when you have become brainwashed by your puppet masters, your entire world is a lie – down is up, wrong is right, lies are truth and on and on in the matrix.

All I do is repeat myself on this blog, but let’s reframe once again.

Nobody is born an addict or an alcoholic. That is nonsense and to believe this is absurd and unintelligent. Second, the very internal conditions that induce one to drink or use revolve entirely around self-absorption, self-obsession and selfishness. There is no getting around any of that. To use any mood-altering substance is to consciously put the focus on your SELF – your degree of comfort, how you feel mentally and physically and so on. To ply oneself with booze and drugs is an act of pure selfishness. It is the belief and the choice that I, Charlie, have the right to make myself feel better despite the cost. It is also to consciously ignore the natural consequences of my actions. I am fully aware that it is wrong to drink alcohol and use drugs. I know that it is to obsess and indulge in fleshly pleasure. I know that I am poisoning and ruining the body that God gave me. I know that I am decimating my pineal gland and the rest of my cognitive abilities. I know that I am going to prevent myself from operating at my best.

More importantly, to use drugs and alcohol, one has to stop giving a shit about consequences. To do this, one must consciously defy and ignore one’s conscious. This is a fact, whether or not anyone believes it or wants to hear it. Usually the truth angers people because it slays rationalization and justifications born of selfish agenda and delusion.

Now… the addict or alcoholic is all of this ten-fold. When the addict drinks or uses, he sets off a vicious ripple of toxicity, causing stress, angst, heartache, disappointment and agony to those in his or her life. When the addict drinks or uses, he or she devolves into the worst kind of human being. He rants and raves, he becomes unstable, unhinged and unsafe, he drops the ball, he creates a sense of panic in anyone depending on him or anyone who is unfortunate enough to love him. When the addict drinks or uses, he affects everyone around him. He breaks hearts, he terrifies and he causes stress beyond comprehension. He robs those in his or her life or their time, their energy, their love, their resources and their very lives. He literally takes and takes and takes and sucks everyone dry until they are defeated and exhausted and empty. It does not matter if he or she has lost control of their drinking or drug use. To do this to anyone is an absolute MORAL FAILURE and it is an ABOMINATION.

If there are negative consequences to self, and especially to others, from your drinking or drug use, you are committing a moral crime and you are a moral failure. You are committing sin.

So for the Godless, clueless progressives and liberals of today to aggressively defend the conscious, voluntary behavior and the inevitable effects of drug addicts and alcoholics, is surely the work of the devil. Even AA has become secularized, and meetings are now offered without God. Why don’t you just take the heart out of a body or the engine out of a car. God is the very power and wisdom by which we can recover, grow and evolve into decent, human adults.

The very problem with an addict is that he lives a life driven by pride, ego and self-absorption (he is a narcissist) – convinced he knows best and everyone else can go to hell. The very problem with addicts is they are utterly lost, without meaning or purpose. Left to our own devices and our own self-will, we will hurt ourselves and we will hurt others and we will become useless to the world. And that is the difference between self-will and God’s will. We can use our self-will until we are blue in the face… to do God’s will.

So admit that one your own, you are a failure and you are immoral. Admit that you cannot do it alone. The very instant you give your life to God, you are a free man or woman. It’s that simple.


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