Serving & Right Action Expands the Presence of God Within and Without

Last Sunday, our pastor elaborated on a theme I’ve tried to convey over the years, which is that the spiritual life is not an intellectual exercise but an experiential one, created and established through right action. He spoke of the sanctuary and the people and the teachings in the book of John. He said that there is much more going on here than just a bunch of random, disconnected people listening to an intellectual seminar, but rather something bigger, something alive, something powerful. When people come together with the intention to grow and evolve spiritually, the presence of God increases and the scene becomes much more than a room and a pulpit and a few breathing bodies.

This is why service is the most powerful and essential action to the life of an addict, or anyone who desires to get close to God and to evolve spiritually.

Below is a quote from ACTS Chapter 12:

“The 12th Step, like 10 and 11, goes on forever. We never stop helping people and working with others. Why? One, because it helps us to maintain our mental and emotional health and stability. Two, when we sit down with another person, we are bringing God into the room and perhaps into the other person, and anything that expands the presence of God within heals us and keeps us sane. Three, because it also lifts us up emotionally, which is perfect for those of us who are somewhat preoccupied with feeling good. And four, because it sets in motion the law of cause and effect, so any selfless action all but guarantees a good return.”

Finally, to understand, learn or memorize something intellectually is next to useless. We do not grow because we have mastered a text or because we have memorized facts or passages or wisdom or knowledge. Knowledge, true knowledge (wisdom), is gained through experience. To truly learn and grow, we need to act repeatedly. We must put ourselves out into the world and take risks. We must step out of our comfort zone and serve. We must try new things, things that we fear but that are good and productive for ourselves and for others. Take as much action and serve as much as you can and you will gain wisdom. You will see right from wrong, true from false, and you will learn about yourself and others. As Jordan Peterson says, assume as much responsibility as you can, and your life will have meaning and purpose.

Learning, reading and understanding is fine, but we do not start changing and growing and gaining life knowledge until we get out of ourselves and act… until we give of ourselves and serve.

“Life begins at the end of one’s comfort zone.” -Neale Donald Walsh


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