Beware the Sober Alcoholic/Addict & More Importantly, Beware Satan

Our problem is not really drugs and alcohol and simply removing them. Our problem is the person we are – a person who is broken spiritually and mentally. We are selfish, morally destitute lunatics. Sobriety alone will not change the man nor will it make the insane man sane again.

One thing parents and spouses must understand is that drugs and alcohol are not the problem and becoming physically sober alone solves nothing. You are still dealing with a person who is completely insane. This is the issue. The mind of an addict is broken and has become hard-wired to respond selfishly to any event in life… and in most cases it is broken beyond human repair. Underneath addiction lies a spiritual illness, the only cure for which is a spiritual solution.

When the alcoholic/drug addict returns home from yet another hollow, insurance-funded rehab, you have high hopes… only to see them dashed almost immediately. If you have someone who is broken and has no conscience, merely putting the drugs and alcohol down does little or nothing at all to change the mind and soul. The addict must undergo a entire psychic change – a total rearrangement following a profound spiritual experience. Every guiding principle, pattern, attitude and approach to life and way of responding to life events, challenges and relationships must be cast aside and replaced with an entirely new set of principles etc.

This can only be achieved by way of a transformational experience (see William James’s, “Varieties of Religious Experience”) – a miracle or sorts that transcends traditional science and our understanding of bio-chemistry. The addict must engage in a comprehensive exorcism of immoral filth, warped beliefs and perceptions, fear, resentment, destructive behaviors and compulsions, obsessions and false emotional interpretations.

The work that must be completed is far beyond what addicts and alcoholics get today in watered down, secular treatment centers. Often, the addict gets dual-diagnosed, which is a total disservice (as it is deceptive and false) and prescribed more drugs which only serves to prevent them from recovering and evolving spiritually. One tragic effect of psychotropics and substitution drugs is that they shrink and cripple the pituitary gland. This is the part of the brain that allows us our consciousness and awareness to expand. It is the gland that connects us to ourselves and our spiritual, energetic nature. It is the part of our brain that allows us to connect with God and His infinite power.

Ironically, many products sold to us today dull this gland, and many more are intended to just this. More disturbing is the fact that vaccines all but destroy this part of our brain. You may have noticed all the sheep around you taking this pre-planned, genocidal death vaccine are sort of behaving like zombies. Needless to say, the masses and the disgusting, delusional, hypocrite Left tend to act like government slaves anyway, as seen in the recent video of the man in gran mal seizure being hauled out of the vax clinic on a stretcher right by everyone in line and the people do not even budge. No one leaves. Truly mind-blowing. You really have to wonder how someone becomes brainwashed to such a degree as to willingly give up their essential freedom and even the lives/bodies of their own children. Injecting your child with lethal poison is criminally negligent child abuse – you might as well put them on an altar and sacrifice them. Some days it feels like the devil is winning. You must understand that these people are trying to literally destroy the world and everything generations have fought and died for. They are fundamental Marxists – criminally insane and objectively evil. The UN’s agenda 2030, the WEC’s ‘great reset’ and the cultural marxism of the Left is nothing short of Satanic.

At any rate, do not expect anything from an alcoholic or a drug addict who has acheived phsyical sobriety. They will continue to act like a pathologically self-absorbed, manipulative child. They will continue to whine and complain and blame all their problems and feelings on the other people, on the world, on anything and everything but themselves.

Addicts must engage in non-stop spiritual action… and then for an effective and complete transformation, the power of God must touch the addict, thus restoring him or her to sanity. The recovered person is recovered because his mind has cracked open. He has accessed God. He has effectively erected a telephone line between himself and God and he can tap into this power at any point in time. He has altered his brain chemistry and has returned to sanity. There is no more obsession. Drugs and alcohol have no power over him. Nothing does. And sane he will remain so long as he continues the spiritual work of praying, meditating, writing inventory, helping others, serving God, serving family, actively desiring to live not by self-will but God’s will. The hope is that our self-will becomes aligned with God’s will and it becomes easier and easier to do the right thing. The hope is the addict develops a genuine desire to help others – a new compulsion if you will.

If you come to want God more than drugs, you have solved the problem.

May the Lord Christ help us all.

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